FAUNet ID/Username Policy

A FAUNet ID (Example: jdoe@fau.edu) is automatically generated for faculty and staff upon employment and students when they apply to the university. Individuals have the use of the account as long as they maintain an official affiliation with the university.

Faculty and Staff
OIT provides FAUNet ID accounts to all University faculty and staff, including adjunct faculty, during active employment. The account will be disabled immediately after employment is terminated, and it will be removed from the system after 60 days. The sole exception to this rule is retired faculty accounts.

FAUNet ID accounts are provided for all students from the point of application to the University. One semester after graduation or after three successive semesters during which a student has not been registered for a course, the account will be disabled. All student accounts will be verified annually.

The conventions for account names are
Faculty, staff, and student accounts are created with the first initial of the first name and up to seven letters of the last name. Faculty and staff may choose to have an alias of firstname.lastname@fau.edu.

Permissible Username Change:
It is OIT's position that the original username assigned to faculty, staff, and students is not subject to change. The only acceptable exception to this policy is if the user has legally (through the judicial system) changed his or her name.

In order for the individual to change his/her username, the name change must be recorded in the relevant University databases:

  • staff and faculty in the HR database – contact Personnel Services Processing and Records
  • students in the academic information database (Oasis) – see the Personal Information section of Oasis Web for information and link to form

If a student becomes a faculty or staff member, or faculty/staff member becomes a student, no change is made in the username.

Requests for username changes may be made at any point during a term but will not be put into effect during the term the request is made. All username changes will take place between terms or otherwise at the discretion of OIT.

January 2005

 Last Modified 11/8/16