Faculty and Staff Email Accounts

 OIT provides email accounts to all university administrators, faculty, adjunct faculty and staff during active employment. Effective January 2005, biweekly pay stubs are emailed to the FAU email address of all FAU employees who have direct deposit. Additionally, it is requested by the FAU administration that all work related electronic communication use a valid FAU email address. After employment is terminated, the account will be disabled immediately and physically removed from the system after 60 days. The sole exception to this rule is lifetime faculty accounts. All existing accounts for employed personnel are verified annually. Adjunct faculty accounts are disabled annually at the end of the Summer semester. Renewal of adjunct faculty accounts must be initiated by the sponsoring Department prior to the Fall term. Attachments are limited to 5 MB. Email accounts are generated for new faculty and staff members using a unique identifier. This identifier is referred to as a “Z” number and is not their social security number. In the case of newly hired faculty not yet under contract, OIT reserves the right to use the individual’s social security number as the unique identifier, initially, to generate a “Z” number and subsequent email account. After which point the social security number will not be referenced again.

 Last Modified 11/8/16