Admission Requirements

  1. Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts, or equivalent degree from an accredited college or university or, for international students, an institution recognized in its own country as preparing students for further study at the graduate level. Degrees in graphic design or visual communication design are preferred. Candidates from other curricula will be considered based on abilities demonstrated in portfolio, statement of intent, and space available. Two years’ experience in the graphic design practice is preferred.
  2. The minimum University admission requirements are either:
    1. a “B” average or better in all work attempted while registered as an upper-division student working for a bachelor’s degree;
    2. a graduate degree from an accredited institution.
  3. Graduate admission application submitted online via FAU’s Graduate College website.
  4. Official college transcript(s) submitted to FAU’s Graduate College.
  5. For international students: TOEFL score of 500 or IBT of 61

Admission Information

After submitting an admission application through FAU's Graduate College, applicants must submit one PDF file organized in the following order:

  1. Title Page: Name, e-mail address, personal website, area of concentration and Z number
  2. Resume (1-3 pages) 
  3. Statement of intent. An essay describing their background, creative aims and reasons for pursuing an MFA at FAU (500 - 750 words)
  4. Portfolio: 20 examples of design work with project descriptions. A selection of the applicant's most significant projects including self-initiated projects. 
  5. Copy of official transcripts. 
  6. Three letters of recommendation. Recommendation letters should be written by teachers or other professionals who have firsthand knowledge of your art or academic achievements and can comment on your potential for graduate study. If your references prefer to send their letters directly to the MFA committee, then provide them with the following format for submission: 
    Rec for_(your) Last name_(your) First Name.pdf (e.g., Rec for_Smith_John.pdf), send to cafanadorllach@fau.edu

Complete PDF must be submitted to: cafanadorllach@fau.edu

Deadline for full applications: October 31st (September 1st for International Students) for spring admissions and February 21st for fall admissions. 

The Graduate College will be notified by the department of the evaluation results and will notify candidates. Only completed portfolios and application packets will be considered.