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The ACCESS Program and coaching center is a branch of University Advising Services (UAS) and provides eligible first- and second-year students with academic coaching/advising, tutoring and major/career counseling. Additionally, a partnership with the Mentoring Project supports participation in faculty and peer mentoring. Mentee: Students who are in their first and second year who fall below a 2.5 GPA and are enrolled in the ACCESS Program.

Mentor: Must be a faculty member including, instructors, professors, visiting instructors, visiting professors and adjunct faculty. Most faculty have been selected based on recommendations of peers or past mentors.

Faculty must commit to at least one semester, most usually enroll for an academic year and return. No student commitment. Jess Tuck
ACCESS & University Advising Services


Melanie Adams

Associate Director,

Career Center



Department of English Faculty Mentoring Program

To provide students advice on their post-graduation life, to steer them to the best classes for their interests, to steer them to campus resources. Mentee: Undergraduate students majoring in English

Mentor: English tenured or tenure-track faculty
English majors are assigned a faculty mentor Mary Sheffield-Gentry
English Department Instructor and Graduate Advisor

Elite Owls Red Jackets

The Elite Owl Leadership and Service Ambassador is a university-wide program designed to recognize exemplary student leaders on the FAU campus. A part of the Elite Owl Ambassador program focuses on mentoring and development of leadership skills. The Elite Owl Ambassadors comprise a select group of students chosen for their demonstrated commitment to developing in the areas of leadership and service. Elite Owls will be called upon to serve as mentors, to be mentored, to be involved at important University events, and in various other ways to develop their individual leadership skills. Mentee: Candidates must be full-time, continuous, degree-seeking FAU students who are in good academic and disciplinary standing. Graduate applicants must be actively enrolled in (or newly admitted to) a graduate program at FAU. Undergraduate applicants must have completed a minimum of 30 credits in residence. Candidates must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. Candidates must be able to demonstrate their commitment to service and leadership by meeting requirements included in the application.

Mentor: An executive leader within Florida Atlantic University who engages with an Elite Owl Ambassador to deepen leadership skills and aid their success, both professionally and personally.

Applications will be accepted once a year with a possibility of mid-year applications if there are available positions Juan Izaguirre
Associate Director
Weppner Center for LEAD and Service-Learning

FAU Academy for Community Inclusion

The FAU Academy for Community Inclusion is a comprehensive transition program for adults with intellectual disabilities. Mentee: Students accepted into FAU-ACI program.

Mentor: Any FAU student that is committed to building a strong 1:1 relationship with a student in the FAU Academy for Community Inclusion.

Mentors applications are accepted prior to each fall and spring semester. Gwendolyn Carey
Curriculum and Training Specialist,
FAU Academy for Community Inclusion


FAU Tech Runway Venture Mentor System

A mentor program adopted from the MIT Venture Mentor System. Established guiding principles to support student, community and faculty startups. Mentee: Tech Runway member (application process) Tech Runway Accelerator. Entrepreneurs must be part of an actual company.

Mentor: 7+ years as an executive leader in industry, venture capital funds, angel networks, serial entrepreneur, faculty, subject matter expert.

Rolling deadlines Jessica Beaver
Assistant Director
561-297-0234 techrunway@fau.edu

Honors Thesis Program in the Biological Sciences

Developed to introduce undergraduate students to research and mentor them through the process of applying to graduate schools. Mentee: By Application Only. 1) Minimum GPA 3.20 2. Core Course Requirement: Biodiversity + Lab, Biological Principles + Lab, General Chem + Lab (I and II), Organic Chem I (recommended), Calculus (recommended), Statistics (Noonburg) or PSY 3234 Experimental Design and Inference (recommended) 3. At least 12 credit hours at the 3000 or 4000 level 4. Minimum of one semester of research in the lab of your faculty sponsor. 5. Statement of purpose 6. Sponsor letter from potential mentor stating that will support student through honors credits. 7. Copy of unofficial transcript 8. Resume (optional) 9. 10 min Power Point presentation on proposed research project to the Honors Committee (week of July 22) Mentor: Any research faculty. July 22 Evelyn Frazier
Senior Instructor

International Friends Program

The International Friends Program (IFP) promotes friendship and cultural exchange by matching current FAU students with new, incoming international students in order to help them adjust to life at FAU more easily. The peer friends serve as important resources for new international students who have many questions and concerns during their transition to FAU. We also have fun activities as a group, such as global love event, coffee hours, ropes course challenge, and much more! Mentee: International students who are newly admitted or in their first two semesters of study at FAU.

Mentor: Students who have completed at least one semester at FAU with a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. Students can be from any major.

Rolling deadlines Sharon Rodriguez Benarroch at srodriguezbenarr@fau.edu

Introduction to Biological Research Program

The Department of Biological Sciences has developed the Introduction to Biological Research Program in order to guide students through the process of getting involved in research. This program will help students, who are interested in research but who do not know how to, identify and contact potential faculty research mentors to gain a meaningful research experience. We provide guidance and facilitate the process of finding a research mentor by bringing researchers to talk to the students. We also cover other topics such as Reading Scientific Articles, Ethics in Science, Intellectual Property, Data Recording, and enhances students' written and oral skills. If you are interested please apply by October 31st by submitting the application form. 1. Minimum GPA 3.0

2. Core Course Requirement

Biodiversity + Lab
Biological Principles + Lab
General Chemistry + Lab (I & II)
3. Statement of purpose

4. Resume

5. Letter of Recommendation from faculty or graduate student is preferred.

6. Unofficial Transcript

7. Completed Application Form

* These positions are highly competitive and limited candidates will be interviewed. Students will be notified by November 30th.

October 31 Evelyn Frazier
Senior Instructor


The iRISE2 Mentoring Program serves youth with autism and related disabilities. The goal of the program is to help these youth reach their full potential for personal development and independence, while enriching their social-cognitive capacity through interest-based mentoring. Protégés are matched with a trained mentor that will help them address the challenging issues related to building positive, social relationships with family and peers. Matches are encouraged to explore the functional applications of their protégé's special interest and the possible career opportunities that can contribute and lead to a life of high self-esteem and independence. Matches are free to explore the community and its beaches, parks, museums, libraries, cultural festivals and any other activities throughout Palm Beach County that complement the interest of their protégé. Mentee: All proteges must be between the ages of 11-22 years of age, and registered with FAU CARD and have a diagnoses of autism or related disabilities.

Mentor Requirements:
Applicants must be at least 21 years of age
Applicants must successfully complete all steps of volunteer background screening
Willing to make a 1-year commitment of 4-6 hours per month with your protégé
Willing to meet and plan activities with their protégé in the community
Protégé Must
Be between the ages of 11 - 22 years of age
Reside in Palm Beach County
Express interest in developing and maintaining mentoring relationship
Be able to maintain personal safety and meet developmentally appropriate expectations
Communicate and reciprocate meaningful conversation and socially engage with his/her mentor
Express interest in exploring job options, vocational training or higher education degree
Rolling deadlines Darius Murray
Clinical Support Associate for Mentoring
(561) 213-6936

Learning Community Liaisons

The LC Liaisons are alumni of one of FAU’s Learning Communities. They provide mentorship and peer support to freshmen who are entering the learning community program for the upcoming semester. In addition, LC Liaisons provide support to students who are academically at-risk and encourage use of on-campus resources. Mentee: Full-time degree-seeking undergraduate FAU student of any major.

Mentor: Preferably any student who has participated in an LC program at FAU, but it is open to any student who is in their sophomore year and above.
Application for the spring semester is in mid-October. 2017-2018 LCL applications are due October 21, 2017. Offers will be sent by the 2nd week of November 2017. Shelby Clinton
Coordinator, CLASS

LGBTQ Peer Mentoring Program

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) Peer Mentoring Program empowers LGBTQ students to live more full, happy, and productive lives. Mentors aim to support mentees through many facets of LGBTQ identity development. This is accomplished through frank, informal, one-on-one conversations, wherein support and information are provided. Mentors serve as positive role models and provide resource information. Who are the mentees?
Any enrolled FAU student who would like support with LGBTQ-related concerns is welcome to apply.

Who are the mentors?
Mentors are FAU students who have worked through their own LGBTQ coming out process, and have had experience negotiating life as an LGBTQ individual. It is this personal understanding that makes mentors particularly well suited to help others

Mentors are invited to apply in the beginning of the Fall semester for training in late September/early October. Mentee applications are accepted throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. Whitney Hagen, Ph.D.
Staff Psychologist, FAU Counseling and Psychological Services
Email: hagenw@health.fau.edu
Phone: 561-297-3540

Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI) Peer Mentors

The Peer Mentor Program is designed to help guide undergraduate students interested in pursuing research and inquiry, by providing student mentors. Undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines will serve as Peer Mentors. Peer Mentors are available for open mentoring hours, hosting workshops, and providing classroom presentations all to integrate and expand a culture of research, inquiry and creative activity on all of FAU's campuses. Be in good academic standing at the university
Have one semester of DIS or other documented research experiences completed before applying.
Commit to a one year agreement as a Peer Mentor (Summer through Summer)
Selected mentors must be students throughout the year (undergraduate or graduate)
Commit to active participation in the student club, Council for Scholarship and Inquiry (CSI)
Commit to continue research in the academic year as an active peer mentor
Last Friday in May each year. Tracy Baker
Assistant Director, Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry

Owls Helping Owls

The mentor program aids in the transition of freshmen student-athletes, as well as students who are struggling after their freshman year. The FAU academic mentor program provides an opportunity to instill the tools of education that will allow student-athletes to take a proactive approach to learning. Mentee: Any FAU first-year student-athlete or new transfer student-athlete. Also, any athlete below a 2.2 GPA or NCAA eligibility risk.

Mentor: Athletic Department Interns are currently serving as mentors.
Rolling deadline. Eric Coleman
Director, Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence


PROPEL was created to reform and streamline the Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) and FAU's school leadership preparation programs with the outcome of creating a single, seamless, leadership preparation continuum that results in successful completers earning dual certification in Level I Educational Leadership and Level II School Principal certification.

PROPEL was created to prepare educational leaders with a focus on "turnaround" school leadership and meeting the needs of the most challenging schools. PROPEL serves to create a more sound future for public education and enhance educational leadership development models. PROPEL's school administrator preparation program is cutting edge, based on the most current research, best practices, and the evolving needs of individual schools and districts. The project's vision is, through an innovative model, to move schools and districts into a new and successful era of public education that will promote the foundational goals of creating a democratic society and citizenry while addressing the learning needs of all students.

Mentee: Meet all admissions requirements to enter the Masters Program in Educational Leadership, must be nominated and sponsored by a Broward mentor, and pass a rigorous interview process as well as take the Profile XT Survey to demonstrate the leadership capacities needed for the position.

Mentor: Must hold a Masters in Education, Certified Level 2 Principal, acting School Principal, and must have training in Southern Educational Regional Board (SREB) Coaching and Mentoring.

January of every year. Dr. Daniel Reyes-Guerra
Project Director

The College of Nursing Mentorship Program

The College of Nursing Mentorship Program was designed to connect freshman direct admit students with upper division nursing students and faculty mentors. The College of Nursing mentoring program uses a holistic approach to assist students on their journey of professional, and social development. This mentoring program is unique in that students participate in their freshman and sophomore years. Mentee: A student must be admitted to the freshman direct track in nursing. Upper division students who feel they would benefit from a mentor may also participate.
Mentor: Candidates must be of junior standing in the College of Nursing and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. They must also demonstrate the following: uphold the College of Nursing Philosophy, possess a participatory, positive attitude and passion in previous community services, be professional and mature, possess strong interpersonal and communication skills, and have a willingness to support a fellow student.
Applications are accepted during spring semester of each year with a due date of April 1st. Juliet Streaty-Varnum
Traditional and Accelerated BSN Academic Coordinator

Javaris Hammond
Freshmen Direct Admit BSN Academic Coordinator

University Honors Program Peer Mentors

The University Honors Program is a 2 year honors program for qualified incoming freshmen students open to all majors at the Boca Raton campus. Peer Mentors create a community feel for their mentees and help UHP students with their transitions from high school to FAU. Mentee: University Honors Program Students

Mentor: University Honors Program Students. Minimum of 2.5 GPA
Fall Mary Downing Patterson
Assistant Director, University Honors Program
EMAIL: mpatterson@fau.edu

Urban Male Initiative

The mission of the Urban Male Initiative at Florida Atlantic University is to develop and motivate urban male students, to successfully identify and utilize pathways to a timely graduation and job placement. This will be accomplished through interactive, inclusive programming focused on mentorship, peer accountability, academic and social-based events; all while developing a strong sense of purpose, self-identity, and community. Mentee: Focused primarily on urban male students.

Mentor: Any FAU faculty, staff, or corporate representative.
Rolling deadlines Ron Oliver
Office of First-Generation Student Success
Bldg. SU-80

Faculty and Staff Mentor Program

The Program for Leadership and Professional Development provides workshops and mentoring opportunities to assist current and prospective academic leaders in becoming more effective at tasks they face routinely, but may not have been trained to do. Examples include curriculum reform, comittee leadership, teaching across different formats, mentoring peers, and resolving conflict. Mentee: Faculty and Staff interested in developing leadership and administrative skills and knowledge.

Mentor: FAU Faculty and Staff with leadership experience
Rolling deadlines Jeff Buller
Director of Leadership and Professional Development

Department of Physics Mentoring Program

The Department of Physics mentoring program pairs newly declared majors with faculty mentors. Undergraduate majors also have the opportunity to interact with more than 20 graduate students affiliated with the department. Mentee: Newly declared undergraduate majors
Mentor: Faculty in the Department of Physics
Physics majors are assigned a faculty mentor. Luc T. Wille
Professor and Interim Chair

Pine Jog Fellowship

The Pine Jog Fellowship: Cultivating Community Involvement and Environmental Leadership is an innovative 3-semester program that aims to develop a cadre of young leaders who are knowledgeable about various environmental issues impacting South Florida and who understand the social, environmental and economic interrelationships that are critical to addressing such issues. After exploring the major environmental issues impacting South Florida, Fellows make a difference in their local community through environmental service learning and by serving as mentors to school-aged youth. Mentee: Middle-School Students Spring Kristi Moyer
Coordinator, Educational and Training Programs
Pine Jog Environmental Education Center


Whether a first-year or transfer student, the program introduces students new to FAU to a faculty, staff, graduate student, or undergraduate peer mentor. Matches are made based on academic interests, co-curricular involvement, and shared goals for a mentoring relationship. Mentee: Any undergraduate student new to FAU within their first two semesters of enrollment not already affiliated with a mentoring program.

Mentor: FAU faculty, staff, and graduate students. Undergraduate peer mentors are selected through an application process.
Rolling deadlines: Preference is given to peer mentors who apply before the beginning of each semester. Kristin Skarie Director of Student Mentoring kskarie@fau.edu mentoring@fau.edu 561-297-4810

Emerging Scholars

 The mentor program aids in the transition of all freshmen and transfer student-athletes, as well as students who are struggling after their freshman year. The FAU academic mentor program provides an opportunity to instill the tools of education that will allow student-athletes to take a proactive approach to learning.  Mentee: All FAU first-year student-athlete or new transfer student-athlete. Also, any athlete below a 2.2 GPA or NCAA eligibility risk.

Mentor: SACAE Academic Counselors, Learning Specialist and Graduate Assistants.

Rolling deadline. Eric Coleman
Director, Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence
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