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Awards Honor Employees for Nearly 3,500 Years of Service to FAU

(with President Brogan) President’s Leadership Award Winner Cathie Wallace, director of student health services
(with President Brogan) President’s Leadership Award Winner Eric Vandernoot, coordinator of the physics laboratory
Jodi Cantor (left), a senior secretary in the Department of Housing and Residential Life, and Linda Rackleff (right), director of academic programs in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Biomedical Science, (with President Brogan) received the Jeffrey Gabor Exemplary Employee Awards
Deputy Chief Keith Totten, FAU Police Department (left) and Dean Robinson, senior electronic technician of Engineering and Utilities, and were named FAU Heroes

Warm congeniality and plenty of applause greeted hundreds of FAU employees who were recognized for years of service at the annual Employee Service Awards ceremony held March 25 in the Live Oak Pavilion.

Two hundred ninety-seven employees with an aggregate total of 3,465 years of service to the University were eligible for awards, including Dr. Santo Tarantino, an associate professor of psychology, and Hyacinth Wideman, assistant director of academic support service in Undergraduate Programs, who both marked their 40th anniversaries at FAU. Five employees were recognized for 35 years of service: Dr. Boyd Breslow of the Department of History, Zita Cael of FAU Libraries, Dr. James Hartmann of the Department of Biological Sciences, Norma Hay of Institutional Effectiveness and Analysis, and Suzanne Sturrock of the A.D. Henderson University School

In addition to the service awards, President Brogan honored eight employees with FAU Hero, President’s Leadership, Jeffrey Gabor and TIAA-CREF awards. They include:

  • Dean Robinson, senior electronic technician of Engineering and Utilities, and Deputy Chief Keith Totten of the FAU Police Department, who were named FAU Heroes for the roles they played in saving the life of a colleague who collapsed during a meeting on campus and came to his aid with lifesaving CPR.
  • Cathie Wallace, director of student health services, and Eric Vandernoot, coordinator of the physics laboratory, who were presented President’s Leadership Awards. Wallace was honored for her years of work expanding health services available to students, including establishing an on-campus pharmacy. Vandernoot was recognized for injecting new life into the FAU observatory by making it a center of educational activities for students of all ages and the general public. They each received $1,500.
  • Deborah Raines, a professor of nursing in the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, and Edgar An, a professor of ocean engineering at SeaTech, who were presented the TIAA-CREF Faculty Service Awards. Dr. Raines was recognized for her contributions to the improvement of obstetrical and neonatal care and her extensive volunteer work in recruiting and mentoring the next generation of nurses. Dr. An was honored for introducing an innovative hands-on program at SeaTech that takes high school students and their teachers through all the steps of designing, building and testing model surface and underwater vessels. They each received $1,200.
  • Jodi Cantor, a senior secretary in the Department of Housing and Residential Life, and Linda Rackleff, director of academic programs in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Biomedical Science, who received the Jeffrey Gabor Exemplary Employee Awards. Cantor saved the University more than $22,000 in unjustified charges to her department last year, which prompted her to create a tracking system to catch billing errors as they occur. Rackleff is playing a leadership role in expanding FAU’s medical education partnership with the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine to a full, four-year program and in developing the academic agreement that links FAU and UMMSM with Boca Raton Community Hospital. They each received $1,200.

Congratulations and a big thank you to all the honorees for their years of dedicated work and the contributions they have made to the University community. Additional photos of the awardees are available here. A complete list of service award winners is listed below:

40 Years
Santo Tarantino, Department of Psychology
Hyacinth Wideman, Undergraduate Programs

35 Years
Boyd Breslow, Department of History
Zita Cael, Libraries
James Hartmann, Department of Biological Sciences
Norma Hay, Institutional Effectiveness and Analysis
Suzanne Sturrock, A.D. Henderson University School

30 Years
David Bjorklund, Department of Psychology
Mary Lou Caldwell, Exceptional Student Education at Jupiter
Donald Cooper, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
Edgar Kossack, International Business
Elfriede Lynch, University Advancement
Henry McFord, Maintenance, Ocean Engineering at SeaTech
Jay Mendell, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
Patricia Snyder, Department of Chemistry
Betty Surman, Athletics
Daphne Weldgen, A.D. Henderson University School

25 Years
Lynn Appleton, College of Arts and Letters
William Bober, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Anne Boykin, College of Nursing
Rosalyn Carter, College of Architeture, Urban and Public Affairs
Timothy Ford, Department of Mathematical Sciences
David Griswold, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Ingrid Johanson, Department of Psychology
Lola Kerlin, Testing and Evaluation
Stephen Locke, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Neela Manage, Economics Business
Christine Mikulski, College of Engineering and Compter Science
Rita Pellen, Libraries
Martin Solomon, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

20 Years
Keith Adderley, Broward Computing Services
Janice Andrew, A.D. Henderson University School
William Armstrong, Libraries
Wayne Barr, Fort Lauderdale Physical Plant
Scott Broedel, University Police at Jupiter
Beth Broer, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Carol Cantrell, Enterprise Computing Services
Miriam Crisman, Instructional Design and Development
Ondina Felipe, Industry Studies
Henry Helmken, Department of Electrical Engineering
Victoria Jemmott, Libraries
J. A. Scott Kelso, Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences
Patricia Kennedy, College of Business at Davie
Phillip Lasiter, Department of Psychology
Cheryl Liles, Federal Flow Through Grants, Provost
Aaron Meyerowitz, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Mario Milman, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Davood Moslemian, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Lucia Neborski, Student Affairs
Dianne Parkerson, Financial Affairs
Barbara Steinberg, Department of Ocean Engineering
Betty Tuller, Department of Psychology
Michael Whitehurst, Department of Exercise Science and Wellness at Davie
Ali Zilouchian, Department of Electrical Engineering

15 Years
Valentine Aalo, Department of Electrical Engineering
Joanna Arlington, Graduate Studies
Jonathan Bagby, Department of Electrical Engineering
Theophilus Balbosa, Housing Administration - Operations
Robert Coulson, SeaTech Ocean Engineering
Rita Crowell, College of Business, Dean’s Office
Michaela Dicosola, Department of Visual Arts and Art History
Kostadin Donev, Athletics
Mary Ann Gosser-Esquilin, Undergraduate Studies
Dennis Freestone, Traffic and Parking Services
Rosalee Fyffe, Multicutural Affairs
Colleen Glazer, College of Engineering and Computer Science
Peggy Golden, Management/International Business
Willie Green, Learning Resources
Carol Gould, Department of Philosophy
Tracey Hardy, Traffic and Parking Services
Joan Hedges, Department of Finance and Real Estate
Albert Jurenas, Division of Education Leadership, Treasure Coast
Henrietta Kasztner, Controller's Office
Patricia Kollander, Department of History
Wendy Kristol, Admissions
Helen Laurence, Libraries
Brett Laursen, Department of Psychology at Davie
Rozzano Locsin, College of Nursing
Gay Lustig, Registrar's Office
Katrina McCormack, Athletics
Carol Meltzer, Department of Teacher Education
William Nicoll, Department of Counselor Education at Treasure Coast
Heinz-Otto Peitgen, Department of Mathematics
Regine Philippe, Telecommunications
Jorge Restrepo, Department of Geosciences
William Rinaldi, University Business Services
Sherry Rosenstein, Academic Affairs
Malka Schyndel, Libraries
John Scott, Exceptional Student Education, Treasure Coast
Beverly Stewart, Housing Administration - Operations
Emily Stockard, Department of English at Davie
Leslie Terry, Graduate Studies
Helene Tomaszewski, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
W. Douglas Trabert, Learning Resources
Stacy Volnick, University Business Services
Xiao-Dong Zhang, Department of Mathematics

10 Years
Teresa Abaid, Libraries
Anthony Abbate, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
Gordon Adams, Student Health Services
Paul Agostinelli, Student Financial Aid
Bassem Alhalabi, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Cynthia Archibald, College of Nursing
Penelope Ashwanden, Division of Research
Pierre-Philippe Beaujean, Ocean Engineering at SeaTech
Iris Berent, Department of Psychology
Naomi Berger, Student Counseling
Dominique Blanchard, Division of Research
Tracy Boulukos, Student Financial Aid
Mavis Brown, College of Biomedical Science
Sarah Brown, Department of History at Jupiter
Wayne Bullock, CSI Network
Ralph Cafolla, Educational Technology at Davie
Carla Capeletti, Associate Vice President's Office, Facilities
Hannelore Clarke, Vice President's Office, Student Affairs
Betty Colson, Undergraduate Programs
Peggy Cresanta, Department of Marketing
Mary Danaher, Information Technology and Operations Management
Anita Dangelo-Herold, Department of Exercise Science and Health
Grace Difabio, Student Health Services
Jeffrey Dolson, Joint Center at Fort Lauderdale
Mary Louise Duffy, Department of Exceptional Student Education at Jupiter
Linda Elliott, Finance Office
Nwadiuto Esiobu, Department of Biological Sciences at Davie
Reuben Ferguson, College of Arts and Letters, Dean’s Office
Judith Ferris, Controller's Office
David Flanigan, Honors College
Rhona Frankel, Center for Complex Systems
John Frankenfield, Ocean Engineering at SeaTech
Eric Freedman, Department of Communication
Susan French, Department of Sociology
Rene Friedman, Lifelong Learning Society at Jupiter
Andrew Furman, Department of English
Joseph Furner, Department of Teacher Education at Jupiter
Julie-Angela Gifford, University Police
David Goldstein, Controller's Office
Kathy Hallett, Vice President’s Office at Davie
Deborah Harris, College of Education at Jupiter
Edward Hayward, Athletics
Marilyn Heller, College of Business , Dean’s Office
Leon Herrington, Physical Plant
Michael Hewett, Inspector General’s Office
Erika Hoff, Department of Psychology at Davie
Harriet Hoffman, Housing and Residential Life
Katherine Hughes, Department of Psychology
Kathleen Hutzler, Department of Chemistry
Joan Joyce, Athletics
Theresa Kelly, Vice President's Office, Jupiter
Mark Kenter, Registrar’s Office
Frederick Knapp, Ocean Engineering at SeaTech
Tammy Knipp, Department of Visual Arts and Art History
Marguerite Koch-Rose, Department of Biological Sciences
Andrew Kulawik, Department of Visual Art and Art History at Fort Lauderdale
Susanne Lapp, Educational Technology at Davie
Sandra Lent, College of Arts and Letters, Dean’s Office
Veronica Lindsay, Department of Psychology at Davie
Debra Littell, Department of Physics
Jennifer Low, Department of English
Peter Magyar, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
Brenda Manies, Student Financial Aid
Karen McCormack, College of Education, Dean’s Office
Hugh Miller, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
Daniel Murtaugh, Department of English
Joseph O'Kroy, Department of Exercise Science and Wellness at Davie
Jeanette Orlando, Student Affairs at Jupiter
Malinda Perillo, Facilities Planning
Mark Peterson, International Business
Joseph Pizzuti, Engineering and Utilities
Lianfen Qian, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Pooran Rambharose, Ocean Engineering at SeaTech
Barbara Ridener, Educational Technology at Davie
Monica Rosselli, Department of Psychology at Davie
Alka Sapat, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
Barbara Schwarzkopf, SIS/Enrollment Management
Mark Scroggins, Department of English
Adrien Spano, University Communications and Marketing
Carolyn Stewart, Career Development at Davie
Jeanne Stinchcomb, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Lyndsay Tolerton, A.D. Henderson University School
Theris Touhy, College of Nursing
Sharmila Vishwasrao, Department of Economics
Valeria Volin, Department of Biological Sciences at Davie
Cathie Wallace, Student Health Services
Herbert Weissbach, Department of Biological Sciences
Simone White, Controller's Office
Kubrom Wolderufail, Learning Resources
Paul Wright, Computing System Services
Andrew Wurman, Student Counseling Center
George Young, School of Accounting
Sheila Yungk, Communication Services Infrastructure
Naihua Zhang, Department of Sociology at Davie

Five Years
Elvan Aktas, Department of Finance and Real Estate
Gregory Aloia, College of Education
Lenore Alpert, Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions
Bryan Arkin, Libraries
Prisca Augustyn, Department of Languages and Linguistics
James Baker, Engineering and Utilities
Ricardo Beals, Mail Room at Fort Lauderdale
Carol Bennett, Registrar’s Office
Elaine Berkow, Graduate Studies
Mary Boyd, Graduate Business Communication
Nancy Brecht, University Police
Keith Brew, College of Biomedical Science
Elizabeth Brooks, University Advancement
Mary Cameron, Department of Anthropology
Barry Campbell, Learning Resources
Diane Campbell, International Student Affairs
Matthew Canavan, Broward Computing Services
Pauline Chin, Information Technology and Operations Management
Beverly Clark, Housing and Residential Life
Lee Collier, University Advancement
Coralyn Collins, Facilities Planning
Gregory Copeland, Enterprise Computing Services
Mary Coscia-Waggoner, University Budget Office
Suzanne Courtade, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Rafael Cruz, Small Business Development Center
Steven Cutcher, Athletics
John Cutrone, Libraries
Donna Darrell, University Police
Melissa Dawson, Athletics
Dagmar Deffendall, Lifelong Learning Society at Jupiter
Rita Dekker, College of Nursing
Kimberly Dunn, School of Accounting
Sofia Espirito Santo, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
Deborah Floyd, Department of Educational Leadership
Aldett Francis, College of Arts and Letters
Jean Gers, Libraries
Antoine Giannetti, Department of Finance and Real Estate
Cheryl Goldstein, Facilities Planning
Jennifer Govender, University Advancement
Franklin Grant, Department of Biological Sciences
Denize Grant-Downer, Controller's Office
Kathleen Guthrie, College of Biomedical Science
Theodor Haerry, Department of Biological Sciences
Daniel Hinchliffe, School of Accounting
Stephen Hinkel, Admissions
Xupei Huang, College of Biomedical Science
Richard Hue, University Business Services
Joanne Jasin, College of Arts and Letters at Davie
Kathleen Jett, College of Nursing
David Kalinich, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Marina Karides, Arts and Letters - Sociology at Davie
Loisa Kerwin, Center for Environmental Studies
Brett Klein, University Center
Beth Koufteros International Business
Frederick Lacrone, Department of English
Henry Laguerre, College of Nursing
Betty Larris, Registrar’s Office
Sharon Lemanski, College of Biomedical Science
Larry Lemanski, Division of Research
Jose Lezama, University Center
Lester Lockett, University Police
Cynthia Lyles-Scott, College of Business at Fort Lauderdale
Darryl Maraj, Administration and Financial Technical Support Services
Noemi Marin, Department of Communication
Nancy McCarthy, Broward Computing Services
James McDonough, School of the Arts
Carrie Mohanna, Education - Foundation Grants
Jolla Molinar, Treasure Coast Enrollment Growth
Sammie Moore, Physical Plant
Walter Moore, Learning Resources
Marcella Munson, Department of Languages and Linguistics
Jennifer O'Flannery, Office of the President
Brian O'Hara, Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence
Mercedes Palomino, Department of Languages and Linguistics
Nancy Parent, University Budget Office
Melanie Perla, Registrar’s Office
Shelly-Ann Pinnock, Controller's Office
Sita Ramnarace, Student Services
Cecilia Ranger, Athletics
Jane Regan, University Advancement
Vera Rey, Student Financial Aid
Robert Richman, University Architect’s Office
Nancy Rubin, Instructional Design and Development
Ellen Ryan, School of Social Work
Deborah Salerno, College of Biomedical Science
Elaine Sattler, A.D. Henderson University School
Markus Schmidmeier, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Jason Schwartz, Department of English
Myrtha Senat, International Student Affairs
David Stewart, Budget Office, Broward Campuses
Jeanne Takeda, Academic Support at Jupiter
Fredrick Taylor, College of Business
Regina Thomas, Student Services at Davie
Richard Thompson, Registrar’s Office
Sean Todd, Athletics
Darci Trachtenberg, Karen Slattery Child Care Center
Robert Unschuld, Learning Resources
Miguel Vazquez, Honors College
Demetrius Veasy, Learning Resources
Darlene Ward, Environmental Health and Safety
Linda Webb, Counselor Education at Davie
Theodore Welfelt, Physical Plant, Broward Campuses
Joyce Wiest, Student Health Services
Rozalia Williams, Student Services at Davie
Wenying Xu, Department of English
Liliana Zaparaniuk, College of Busines at Fort Lauderdale
Robert Zoeller, Exercise Science and Wellness at Davie



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