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Peitgen Receives German Founder’s Award
Dr. Heinz-Otto Peitgen, a mathematics and biomedical science professor, was awarded the German Founder’s Award 2006 in the category of "Visionary." This award was presented during a televised show in Berlin, Germany that included the German minister for economics and technology. MORE...

Wu Named College of Engineering and Computer Science's Distinguished Research Professor
Dr. Jie Wu, Florida Atlantic University professor of computer science and engineering and preeminent authority in the fields of wireless networks, sensor networks and parallel processing, has been named “Distinguished Research Professor” in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. MORE...

Dr. Anthony Abbate, architecture, was recently featured in a session on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National featuring Dr. Abbate, Kevin O’Brien and Georgia Butina Watson on "Tropical Architecture." A podcast of the Sept. 27th session can be accessed here.

Dr. Lenore Alpert, Catanese Center for Urban and Environmental Solutions, made a presentation titled “Monroe County Marine Management Strategic Plan” at the States Organization for Boating Access Annual Conference held in September in Tampa. The research is part of an effort to address waterfront redevelopment issues in Monroe County, FL. She also, along with coauthors Dr. Juliet Gainsborough and Dr. Allan Walliswith had an article titled “Building the Capacity to Act Regionally: Formation of the Regional Transportation Authority in South Florida,” published in the November issue of Urban Affairs Review. The research was funded by a grant to CUES from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Dr. Sara Ashworth, teacher education, has had the fifth edition of her book translated into French: Le Spectre: Des Styles d'Enseignement. The book has previously been translated into Korean, Taiwainese, Spanish, Finnish and Portuguese.

Dr. Isaac Elishakoff, J.M. Rubin Distinguished Professor and engineering and computer science, has been appointed a book series editor for the Journal of Shock and Vibration. He also had three papers published: “Error in Finite Difference Based Probabilistic Dynamic Analysis: Analytical Evaluation”
has been published by Journal of Sound and Vibration and was co-authored with Dr. Roberta Santoro who completed her Ph.D. at the University of Palermo under the guidance of Drs. Mario Di Paola and Elishakoff; “An Unusual Exact, Closed-Form Solution for Axisymmetric Vibration of Inhomogeneous Simply Supported Circular Plates” was published in the Journal of Sound and Vibration and co-authored by Dr. Joel Storch of Boeing; and “Essay on the Contributors to the Elastic Stability Theory” in the Italian journal Meccanica. He also hosted Mr. Lova Andriamasy of the the French Institute of Advanced Mechanics who spent the first part of this year conducting a joint research with Dr. Elishakoff, on non-linear stochastic dynamics and its applications.

Dr. George V. Frisk, ocean engineering, has been named vice president-elect of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA). His term runs until June 2007 when he automatically assumes the office of vice president. The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) has 7,000 members worldwide and is the premier international scientific society in acoustics devoted to the science and technology of sound.

Dr. William Glenn, engineering and computer science, has recently been issued two patents, bringing his total to 128 since 1951. His 127th patent was issued for a "Color Video Camera Method And Apparatus For Film Origination" and his 128th is for a "Film Digitizer."

Dr. Russel Ivy, geosciences, has been elected to a two year-term as vice president of the Southeastern Division of Association of American Geographers. The association was formed in 1947 for the purpose of promoting the discipline of geography throughout the Southeastern states. It hosts the World Geography Bowl with teams of students from all over the United States.

Dr. Kelso has been awarded an honorary doctorate by the Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, France, one of the oldest universities in the world. A special conference was held at the French university in October to celebrate the major contributions Dr. Kelso has made to advancing understanding of the coordinative functions of the brain.

Dr. J.A. Scott Kelso, Glenwood and Martha Creech Eminent Scholar in Science and founder of the Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences, has been awarded the National Institute of Mental Health’s Innovations Award. The award recognizes innovative research which “should challenge and seek to shift current research or clinical practice paradigms by utilizing novel theoretical concepts, methodologies, instrumentations, or interventions.” The award provides funds to allow Dr. Kelso and his dedicated team of researchers in the Human Brain and Behavior Laboratory at the Center to continue their basic research on identifying neuromarkers for social coordination.

Max Kirsch, anthropology, has been invited to present a talk, "The Future of Research Implementation at Public Universities: Who Decides?" at the Colloquium on Research and Higher Education Policy sponsored by the United Nations Forum on Higher Education, Research and Knowledge, in Paris later this month.

Dr. Lawrence Klatt, management/international business/entrepreneurship, had his research article, "Entrepreneurial Firms in the International Arena" published in the International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Dr. Grigoriy Kreymerman, Imaging Technology Center, had an article titled "Liquid Crystal Diffractive Phase Grating as Light Modulator for Projection Display" published in the November 2006 issue of Optical Engineering (Vol. 45, No. 11).

Dr. Susan Love Brown, anthropology and comparative studies, presented her paper, “Pinnacle: A Rastafari Intentional Community,” at the 33rd Annual Conference of the Communal Studies Association at the Marconi Center in Marshall, California. Also delivering papers at that conference were three doctoral students from the public intellectuals track of the Ph.D. in comparative studies at the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts & Letters: Marc A. Rhorer delivered his paper, “The Significance of Region: Variations between Kentucky and Ohio Shakers and those of the Northeast;” Jacqui May presented her paper, “Welcome to the Shtetl: the Communal Life of Eastern European Jews”; Rebecca Kuhn, along with Rhorer and May presented their co-authored paper, “From the Big Top to the Fringes: the Circus in America.”

Dr. D. V. Reddy, civil engineering, traveled to Singapore to receive the STUP Consultants Ltd. Award for his paper "The Effect of Fire on Structural Elements Retrofitted by Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites" co-authored by Dr. Khaled Sobhan and Jody Young.

Dr. P.D. Scarlatos, Center for Intermodal Transportation Safety & Security and civil engineering, traveled to Colombia to develop port security and manage strategic education, training and consulting projects. He also recently traveled to Guatemala to assess an engineering project financed by the FAU Guatemalan Project.

Dr. Mark Tunick, political science, Wilkes Honors College, presented his paper "Hegel's Claim about Democracy and his Philosophy of History" at the Hegel Society of America Conference in Chicago, last month. The paper will be published as part of an edited volume by SUNY University Press. Dr. Tunick also presented a paper entitled "The Origins and Limits of the States' Police Powers," at the American Political Science Association Conference in Philadelphia last summer.

Also Noted
Engineering graduate students Eiki Martinson and Brandon Moore came in 7th place in the United States and Canada Collegiate Invention Competition with their vacuum-based water distillation project. The project advisor was electrical engineering professor Dr. Daniel Raviv. The event was held at the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Va., last month. The Collegiate Inventors Competition encourages students to be active in science, engineering, mathematics, technology, and creative invention. This prestigious challenge recognizes and rewards the innovations, discoveries, and research by college and university students and their advisors for projects leading to inventions that can be patented.


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