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‘Serving U’ Program Promotes Caring, Respect in FAU Community

FAU has launched “Serving U,” a University-wide customer service training program designed to ensure that everyone who interfaces with FAU or is a member of the University community will be treated with care, courtesy and respect. The program is being conducted in a year-long series of one-day workshops that focus on four areas: mutual respect, office standards, customer service and pride in FAU.

Training Schedule
Fri., Dec. 1, Jupiter (EC 101)
Fri., Dec. 8, Boca Raton (NU 209)
Tue., Dec. 12, Boca Raton (NU 209)
Fri., Dec. 15, Davie (LA 132)
Tue., Dec. 19, Davie (LA 132)
Fri., Jan. 5, Boca Raton (NU 209)
Tue., Jan. 9, Treasure Coast (JU 324)
Tue., Jan. 16, Treasure Coast (JU 324)
Fri., Jan. 19, Boca Raton (NU 209)
Tue., Jan. 23, Boca Raton (NU 209)
Fri., Jan. 26, Fort Lauderdale (AT 420)
Tue., Jan. 30, Fort Lauderdale (AT 420)

Sign up at Serving U online (click here).

The first workshop was held Nov. 28 on the Jupiter campus. Other sessions will be held Tuesdays and Fridays through January (see box at right). Participation is mandatory for all Administrative, Managerial and Professional (AMP) and Support Personnel (SP) employees. The President’s Office will receive a monthly report of attendees, and, ultimately, the principles and practices presented during the training will be integrated into the employee performance appraisal process.The Serving U program is an outgrowth of the University’s Strategic Plan, which, through its values statement, addresses the importance of promoting an environment of respect for all persons and civility in all interactions. It is being coordinated by the Department of Human Resources. “Everyone has ownership in the success of the University,” says Human Resources Director El pagnier Hudson. “This program will help instill a sense of pride and vision of the University’s mission and improve communication and understanding in the workplace.” The workshops are being conducted by Sharlyn Lauby, president of the ITM Group, a Fort Lauderdale-based human resources consulting firm. Lauby has received very positive feedback from the program’s early participants. “It’s important to tell co-workers how valuable the training is,” said one attendee. “We are the face of the University….What we do is the impression given of the University,” said another.

President Brogan and the Executive Committee have already participated in the program and it has the full support of FAU’s Board of Trustees.

“The primary objective of this campaign is to make certain that everyone who interacts with this University in any way—be that person a student, a member of the general public or one of our own employees—gets treated with care, courtesy and respect,” said President Brogan. “This, in turn, could help keep students so satisfied with the quality of their lives at FAU that they will stay through graduation.”ITM developed the program’s criteria following a series of in-depth focus groups that involved all campuses. Detailed interviews with members of faculty and staff also were conducted, and more than 700 community members who have ongoing contact with one or more FAU campuses were surveyed. The results indicated a need for more mutual respect, better customer service and personal accountability. These are addressed at the workshops through a variety of techniques, such as group discussions, role-playing and other interactive activities. Topics focus on the serving and treatment of customers, including recognizing body language, listening, showing empathy and dealing with difficult customers. Also presented are proper telephone techniques, techno etiquette and points of pride about FAU. When convenient, employees are encouraged to sign up for a workshop at a partner campus so they can spend a day with colleagues outside their normal work environment. “It’s a great way to get to know other employees,” says Hudson. For more details about Serving U and information on how to register online, visit www.fau.edu/ServingU.

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