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University to honor more than 3,000 years of service

On April 11, FAU will recognize nearly 350 employees (see listing below) for service to the University totaling more than 3,000 years. The Employee Service Awards Ceremony, hosted by President Brogan, will also honor this year’s Presidential Leadership Award, Gabor Award and TIAA-CREF Award recipients.

35 Years of Service
Stephen Bruenn, Department of Physics
Elaine Kelly, Libraries
Roy Levow, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Tomas Schonbek, Department of Mathematical Sciences

30 Years of Service
Randolph Coyner, School of Accounting
Elizabeth Jones, Athletics
John McCoy, Department of Visual Arts and Art History
William McDaniel, Department of Finance and Real Estate
Harvey Mendelson, Information Technology and Operations Management
Kathleen Russo, Department of Visual Arts and Art History
Bruce Taylor, Engineering and Utilities
David Warburton, Geoscience
David Wolgin, Department of Psychology – Davie

25 Years of Service
Diane Alperin, Academic Affairs
Judith Burganger-Treer, Department of Music
Nurgun Erdol, Department of Electrical Engineering
Douglas Evans, Engineering and Utilities
Arthur Evans, Department of Sociology
Timothy Kelly, Information Resource Management
Oscar Moore, Physical Plant
David Perry, Department of Psychology
Anita Pritchard, Department of Political Science
Ronald Taylor, College of Education

20 Years of Service
William Ashmun, Engineering and Utilities
Crystal Atkinson, Vice President’s Office – Jupiter
Chrisencia Barzey, A.D. Henderson University School
Maryann Blane, Undergraduate Programs
Selma Bober, Registrar
James Brewer, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Charles Carraher, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Donna Cooper, College of Business
Rosemary Dunbar, Today and Beyond Wellness Program
Elaine Farquharson, College of Education
Fred Fejes, Department of Communication
Esther Gilyard, Physical Plant
Stewart Glegg, Department of Ocean Engineering
Jane Hung, Libraries
Taghi Khoshgoftaar, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Carol McGuirk, Department of English
Kathryn Means, College of Business
John Morris, College of Education
Becky Mulvaney, Department of Communication
Grazyna Pajunen, Department of Electrical Engineering
Darlene Parrish, Libraries
Maria Petrie, College of Engineering and Computer Science
Martha Phillips, Physical Plant
Sarah Shannon, Joint Center for Environmental and Urban Problems
John Singer, Physical Plant
Patricia Singer, University Architect
Lucretia Straghn, Enrollment Growth – Treasure Coast
Julie Tracy, Registrar – Davie
Robin Vallacher, Department of Psychology
Corazon Woodman, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

15 Years of Service
Rita Adamo, Pine Jog Environmental Education Center
Gordon Bazemore, Department of Criminal Justice
David Binninger, Department of Biological Sciences
Steven Bressler, Department of Psychology
Debra Brooks, Personnel Services
Denise Campbell, Personnel Services
Katherine Chapekis, Administrative Systems
Barbara Chapman, Continuing Education
Gerard Clinton, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
Cynthia Condore, Institutional Effectiveness and Analysis
Tipton Cone, Physical Plant
Michael Darville, Physical Plant
Marshall Derosa, College of Arts and Letters – Davie
Mae Devall, Physical Plant
Manhar Dhanak, Department of Ocean Engineering
Joseph Diliddo, Enterprise Computing Services
Ricilia Dorlizier, Physical Plant
Lester Embree, Department of Philosophy
Jerrilyn Engelbrecht, Imaging Technology Center
Stephen Engle, Department of History
Jose Englehart, School of Accounting
Kenneth Frankel, Libraries
Barbara Friedman, Department of Languages and Linguistics
Joseph Getzinger, A.D. Henderson University School
Stuart Glazer, Department of Music
Helen Green, College of Business – Davie
Annie Haggins, Physical Plant
Paul Hart, Information Technology and Operations Management
B. Ray Holland, College of Education
Elton Hunte, Physical Plant
Kenneth Keaton, College of Arts and Letters
Lynn Laurenti, University Communications and Marketing
April Liddle, Student Counseling Center
John Marcinka, Imaging Technology Center
Raymond Marshall, Learning Resources
Violet McKenzie, Physical Plant
Iris Menendez, Communication Services Infrastructure
Marion Merzer, Student Services – Davie
Kenneth Orbach, School of Accounting
Kathleen O'Rourke, Vice President’s Office – Davie
Abhijit Pandya, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Erica Parks, College of Education – Davie
Marie Paul, Housing and Residential Life
Louise Perez, Academic Affairs
Carole Pfeilsticker, Student Financial Aid
Robert Pope, Administrative and Financial Technical Support Services
Shen Li Qiu, Department of Physics
Christiane Reese, Department of Languages and Linguistics
Fred Richman, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Charles Roberts, Geoscience
Mark Rose, College of Arts and Letters – Davie
Myriam Ruthenberg, Department of Languages and Linguistics
Eric Saint-Hilaire, Physical Plant
Premise Salomon, Physical Plant
Linda Sancilio, Controller’s Office
Carmita Scarlett, Controller’s Office
Ed Schiff, Purchasing
Sharon Schlossberg, College of Engineering and Computer Science
Edward Schwerin, College of Arts and Letters – Davie
Elizabeth Swerdloff, Biomedical Science
Khi Thai, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
Chi Tay Tsai, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Maltiben Turnbull, Libraries
Norma Vest, Controller’s Office
Marcia Waite, Technical Support and Infrastructure
Yuan Wang, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Jie Wu, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Paul Yiu, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Nancy Young, Small Business Development Center
Hanqi Zhuang, Department of Electrical Engineering

10 Years of Service
Michael Aguado, University Police
Rokel Aguiar, Controller’s Office
Ethan Allen, Libraries
Shellie Almond, Student Health Services
Palaniswamy Ananthakrishnan, Department of Ocean Engineering
Elise Angiolillo, Communication Services Infrastructure
Courtney Anthony, Intercampus Mail Service – Broward
Bruce Arneklev, Department of Criminal Justice
Jennifer Bebergal, Student Affairs – Enrollment Management
Helen Beers, Pine Jog Environmental Education Center
Maria Berenbaum, Libraries
Alan Berger, Judaic Studies
Preston Blackmon, Physical Plant
Barbara Blake, College of Nursing
William Bosshardt, Center for Economics Education
Wayne Boxer, University Police
Marybeth Burton, Joint Center for Environmental and Urban Problems
Dorothy Cammarato, A.D. Henderson University School
Marjorie Cazeau, Department of Biological Sciences
Lynnette Connor, Libraries
Diana Dawson, Industry Studies
Larry Decker, College of Education
Luis Dominguez, College of Business – Davie
Barbara Downing, Admissions
Lynne Dunphy, College of Nursing
Ali Farazmand, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
Karen Finkelstein, Student Services
Davida Fiore, SeaTech Ocean Engineering
Keith Fries, University Advancement
Armin Fuchs, Department of Physics
Ross Gilson, Imaging Technology Center
Gerald Goldberger, Research
Peggy Goldstein, College of Education – Davie
Peter Goumas, College of Business
Barbara Graves, College of Education – Davie
Kirk Hammond, Undergraduate Programs
Edward Henderson, SeaTech Ocean Engineering
Linda Hersh, Assoc. Provost Office - IRM
Loretta Hodgkin, Purchasing
Joan Hourican, Pine Jog Environmental Education Center
Joseph Isadore, Student Affairs – Jupiter
Joann Jolley, Center for Environmental Studies
Joanne Julia, Academic Computing – Jupiter
Norman Kaufman, Academic Affairs
Errol Kelly, Enterprise Computing Services
John Leeds, College of Arts and Letters – Davie
Leslie Leip, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
Mary Lieberman, College of Education
Kerry Lowery, Space Utilization and Analysis
Carol Lynch, Student Placement
Richard Mangan, Department of Criminal Justice
Ely Meyerson, Lifelong Learning Society
Alexis Miranda, Department of Counselor Education
Ana Morgan, Physical Plant
Jason Morgenthal, Student Financial Aid
Andrzej Nowak, Department of Psychology
Ronald Nyhan, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
Rangasamy Ramasamy, College of Education
Angela Rhone, College of Education – Davie
Brenda Richey, Department of Management, International Business
and Entrepreneurship
Ellen Robinson, Instructional Design and Development
Nancy Rosen, College of Arts and Letters
Agnes Santore, Student Affairs
Craig Sartori, College of Arts and Letters
Harriet Steffen, University Advancement
Lora Stern, Controller’s Office
Sheri Sundquist, Information Technology and Operations Management
Ruth Tappen, College of Nursing
John Volin, Department of Biological Sciences – Davie
Jacobus Vos, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
Richard Voss, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Jeanette Wyneken, Department of Biological Sciences

Five Years of Service
Keva Anderson-Konsker, Athletics
Maurice Andrews, SeaTech Ocean Engineering
Aniela Aponte, College of Education – Jupiter
Lenerer Baker, Equal Opportunity Programs
Allan Barsky, School of Social Work
Traci Baxley, College of Education
Eugene Belogay, Honors College
G. Ronald Berger, Technical Support and Infrastructure
Ira Bogotch, College of Education
Susan Borglund, College of Nursing
Frank Boros, Learning Resources
Judi Bowe, Vice President’s Office – Jupiter
Thomas Bradley, Environmental Health and Safety
Michael Brady, College of Education
Nancy Brandt, College of Business – Davie
Paulo Brida, Facilities Planning
Amy Broderick, Department of Visual Arts and Art History
Deborah Brown, Baldwin House
Kathleen Brunscheen, College of Arts and Letters
Maria Canthal, Learning Resources
Patricia Castro, Registrar – Jupiter
Robert Ciraldo, Department of Marketing
Sherre Clegg-Jolly, Lifelong Learning – Broward
Paul Cohen, Department of Marketing
Rachel Corr, Honors College
Debbie Cowger, Libraries
David Cross, Controller’s Office
Marta Cruz, College of Education
Azita Dashtaki, Space Utilization and Analysis
Donald De Aquino, College of Business
Margaret Devine, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
Doreen Dicarlo, Center for Environmental Studies
Tamara Dinev, College of Business – Davie
Ollie Dixon, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
Arnold Dolan, University Center
Richard Dooner, Department of English
Karen Field, Karen Slattery Educational Research Center
Evelyn Frazier, Department of Biological Sciences
Darly Frenelle, Student Health Services
Barbara Fries, College of Education
George Gadson, Joint Center for Environmental and Urban Problems
Jeffrey Galin, Department of English
Yolanda Gamboa, Department of Languages and Linguistics
Stephanie Gardner, SeaTech Ocean Engineering
Tafese Geleta, Environmental Health and Safety
Pallikadavil George, Controller's Office
Sheryl Gifford, Department of English
Randy Goin, University Communications and Marketing
Shari Goldstein, Student Services
Diane Green, School of Social Work
Gabriele Gutting, Department of English
Lynne Hahn, Department of English
Johnny Harris, Physical Plant
Tavares Hill, Controller’s Office
Michael Hofmann, College of Arts and Letters – Davie
Linda Holtz, University Advancement
Henry Hutchinson, Environmental Health and Safety
Ellen Ismalon, College of Education
Maria Jennings, Registrar’s Office
Yves Joseph, College of Engineering and Computer Science
Larry Kontosh, College of Education
Gvozden Kopani, Department of Theatre
Julia Lampman, Student Financial Aid
Lynn Lappin, Learning Resources
Newton Lassiter, Department of English
Margaret Lebair, A.D. Henderson University School
Salvatore Lepore, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Leonard Liotta, Department of English
Barbara Locastro-Garofalo, Department of Biomedical Science
Nereida Lopez Salvani, Student Placement
George Lydiard, Space Utilization and Analysis
Marsha Lynch, College of Business – Davie
Spyros Magliveras, Department of Mathematical Sciences
Edward Maietta, Honors College
Alison Marcoff, Instructional Design and Development
Michael Marzelli, Department of English
Leigh McFarland, College of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs
Malcolm McKinney, Learning Resources
Terry Mena, Student Services – Davie
Luz Mercado, Controller's Office
John Miller, University Police – Jupiter
Rohan Mills, College of Business
Janet Miranda, College of Business
Jon Moore, Honors College
Ashley Morgan, Research
Sharon Mudge, Student Services
Scott Muldoon, Academic Computing – Jupiter
Parbatee Narine-Chang, Small Business Development Center
Regina Nina, Controller's Office
Wairimu Njambi, Honors College
Nicholas No, Computing System Services
William O'Brien, Honors College
Nancy Orozco, Small Business Development Center
Tony Parrish, Enterprise Computing Services
Marie Pasquini, Student Affairs – Jupiter
Michelle Perkins, University Center
Sean Pierce, Housing and Residential Life
Keith Platt, School of Social Work
Leah Plocharczyk, Libraries
Eleanor Prager, Research
Howard Prentice, Department of Biomedical Sciences
Denise Prescott, College of Education
Willard Prigge, Physical Plant – Fort Lauderdale
Deborah Raines, College of Nursing
Scott Ridenour, College of Engineering and Computer Science
James Riordan, College of Busines – Fort Lauderdale
Mark Rupright, Honors College
Marilyn Russo, Department of Electrical Engineering
Rene Sanon, Enterprise Computing Services
Lynn Sargent, Department of Biological Sciences
Deborah Schram, A.D. Henderson University School
Rhonda Seiman, Student Counseling Center
Rochelle Shapiro, Department of Biomedical Sciences
Bradley Sharp, Housing and Residential Life
Jie Shi, Budget Office
Michael Short, Athletics
Martin Skolnik, Information Technology and Operations Management
Christine Smith, Personnel Services
Thalia Stathopoulos, Continuing Education
Christopher Strain, Honors College
Barbara Szostek, Testing and Evaluation
Anthony Tamburri, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Adam Taylor, University Advancement
Nathaniel Thomas, Learning Resources
Gregory Topple, College of Arts and Letters
Lisa Triolo, University Police
Larry Ulstein, Physical Plant
Ashley Vitale, Academic Computing – Jupiter
John Vivian, Department of English
Alvin Wander, College of Business
Randolph Warren, Athletics
Michael Wendling, Communication Services Infrastructure
Patricia Willems, College of Business – Davie
Allen Willis, Physical Plant
Bruce Wilson, University Police – Jupiter
Christopher Wong, Enterprise Computing Services
Regina Woodley, Mailroom and Copy Center – Davie
Kathleen Workman, University Advancement
Armando Zea, Department of Biomedical Science


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