Pre-Season Training- August 11th 2017 - August 20th, 2017

Plans for the 2017 season are well under way. There will be five home games as well as additional performance opportunities throughout the season. This information should answer all your questions about being a member of the FAU Marching Owls.

For More Information Call Jill Folgate At (561) 297-3854.





August 11th- Leadership reports

August 12th-  All veteran and prospective drum-line members report

August 13th- All new and returning wind and auxiliary members report.

Report to the check-in location listed on the schedule at the indicated time. (Located elsewhere in this packet.) If you are a new brass or woodwind player, you must report to the band room (Room 260) in the Arts and Letters building between 8:00am and 12:00pm on Sunday, August 13th. We will check you in through our own registration process and try to answer any questions you have. You may purchase your uniform accessories at this time. Following registration you will warm-up your instrument and report to the posted location for a music audition. The time from 11am to 3pm will be reserved for those students moving into dorm rooms. At 5:00pm everyone is required to attend the Orientation meeting followed by a playing rehearsal held in the band room. (Flags and Majorettes) will report to the rehearsal field.



A typical daily schedule for August 14th - 20th of pre-season training will look as follows:

7:30am- 11:30am  Drill (Practice Field)

11:30am- 1:30pm  Lunch

1:30pm- 4:30pm Music rehearsal

4:30pm- 6:00pm Dinner

6:00pm- 9:00pm Drill (Practice Field)  

Keep in mind that this is a sample schedule. You will be given a detailed daily schedule when you register for training. We make every effort to use this time in a productive and efficient manner.  


Housing Information


DORMITORY Move-in for all members is Sunday August 13th

Report to the Department of Music on your assigned move-in date. Do not go to your residence hall until you check in with us. Please remember that you will move into a residence hall only if you have a room for the fall semester. The Department of Music does not provide housing. You must secure your own contract for housing through the FAU housing office. There is a $120.00 fee for early move-in as required by the FAU Housing Office that fee will be added by the housing department to your housing bill.

Do not call the housing office about early move-in. They receive thousands of calls about regular housing concerns. If you have questions about early move-in call our office at (561) 297- 3854 or email at smurra21@fau.edu. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THE CLASS PRIOR TO JULY 31st , TO MAKE SURE YOUR ROOM IS READY FOR EARLY MOVE-IN.

Please note: On-Campus Dining will not be available until Thursday August 17th. We suggest you bring money for meals as several on-campus restaurants will be open.


Students living off-campus must make move-in arrangements on their own. Be sure that your scheduled move-in will be prior to August 12th to avoid conflicts with camp and the start of classes.


 Last Modified 2/15/17