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Community Partners


Below is our growing list of community partners. We typically ask students to select a venue for completion of their Academic Service-Learning project, which entails a semester-long commitment. As we continue to grow our AS-L activities, so will our need for additional neighboring institutions serving a multilingual population. If you are interested in joining our list, please contact us or tell us when we may contact you. (Schedule phone call or visit by clicking "here")


A.D. Herderson University School

A top rated elementary-middle school located on the main campus of Florida Atlantic University, servicing Broward and Palm Beach counties. LLCL students help elementary school children in classes of Italian and related events.

Toissaint L’Overtoure High School for Arts and Social Justice

A thriving high school located in Delray Beach, with a notably diverse student population. Francophone students with limited English proficiency, and Anglophone students enrolled in French classes at the high school regularly interact with our students from FAU for tutoring and conversation.

Center for Learning and Student Success, C.L.A.S.S.

Located on the second floor of the GS building, aka. the tutoring center, C.L.A.S.S. provides academic support services to thousands of FAU students each semester. Our students tutor their peers who are enrolled in lower-level Italian, French, and Spanish language courses.

West Palm Beach Housing Authority

Established in 1938, the WPBHA provides wonderful, affordable housing to thousands of residents with limited financial resources. Our students interact primarily with Spanish-speaking residents of the Southridge Community, where they cook, read and translate correspondence, garden, teach fitness classes, discuss historical and current events.

Margate Health Care Center

An excellent nursing home and rehabilitation center with 170 beds, and a significant number of Spanish-speaking residents. LLCL students regularly interact with residents, and discuss various topics ranging from historical events to various issues affecting contemporary society.

White Hall Nursing Home

In process…

La Casa Hispana

The Spanish wing of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, located near the main campus of FAU. Our students assist church staff during Spanish mass, Bible study classes, and other events serving the Spanish-speaking population of Boca Raton and neighboring communities.

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