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Roy Jay Glauber: Nobel Prize in Physics Recipient-2005
by Seymour “Sy” Brody

Roy Jay Glauber is an American Jewish recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physics, in 2005, which he shared with John L. Hall and Theodor W. Hansch for his contribution to the quantum theory of optical coherence.

He was born on September 1, 1925, in New York City, New York. He graduated from the Bronx Hall of Science in 1941. He entered Harvard University and received both his B. S. in Physics, in1946, and his Ph. D. in Physics, summa cum laude, in 1949.

When he was in his sophomore year, he was recruited to work on the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos. He was one of the youngest scientists to be asked to work there. He worked on calculating the critical mass of the atom bomb. He was there for two years and he returned to Harvard University to get his two degrees.

In 1952, Glauber returned to Harvard University to teach and do research. He is currently the Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics at Harvard University. He and his family live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

He has received many awards and honors:
● A. A. Michelson Medal from the Franklin Institute, 1985
● Max Born Award from the Optical Society of America, 1985
● Dannie Heineman Prize, from the American Physical Society, 1996
● Nobel Prize in Physics, 2005

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