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Hurricane Emergency Plan

Appendix C.3 Emergency Evacuation Plan

June  3, 2016

Building Supervisor - Dean of University Libraries
(Carol Hixson)
Office phone (561) 297-3717

1st Alternate Bldg. Supv. - Asst. Dean, Public Services
(Dawn Smith)
Office phone (561) 297-1029

2nd Alternate Bldg. Supv. - Head, Access Services
(Steven Matthew)
Office phone (561) 297-4027


  1. Building Supervisor (or in his/her absence, next alternate) will notify the Assistant Deans, Department Heads and the Dean's Office (297-6762 or 297-0349) to follow procedures to protect equipment identified in their hurricane preparedness plans (see attached list, "Equipment to be protected in event of a hurricane").

    Library Essential Personnel:  Carol Hixson (297-3717), Dawn Smith (297-1029), Steven Matthew (297-4027), Amy Kornblau (297-3789), Hector Moyet (297-2068), Mervin Ramnaraine (297-2742), Yom Chouloute (297-3793/297-0080), Hansy Ambroise (297-2069), Allison DeLuca (297-4546), Leslie Siegel (297-2981), William Howerton (799-8530), Beth Lynch (297-3764), John Cutrone (297-0455), Marilee Brown (296-8010), Ethan Allen (296-8030), Victoria Thur (297-3787)

  2. Building Supervisor and alternates should communicate with each other to ascertain whether help is needed or if it is not necessary to come on campus.

  3. Building Supervisor, Assistant Deans and Department Heads will arrange to move portable equipment and cover stationary equipment with weighted and/or taped plastic sheets. HURRICANE SUPPLIES WILL BE STORED IN EACH DEPARTMENT. 
    1. It is the responsibility of the respective Assistant Dean or Department Head to draft a list of equipment to be protected and to provide this list to the Building Supervisor or Alternate.
    2. It is further the responsibility of these area supervisors to identify members of their respective staff who might expect to be able to participate in hurricane preparations. This list should also be provided to the Building Supervisor or Alternate.

  4. Building Supervisor, Alternates, Assistant Deans and Department Heads should each review FAU Policy Memorandum #1.14.

  5. A battery-operated radio and flashlight will be kept in the Dean's Office (LY 242), and in the offices of the Head, Reference Department (LY 148), Technical Services (LY 102), and Information Technology Department (LY 313).

  6. At least one flashlight will be kept in each department. Batteries should be tested each month during the hurricane season (June 1-November 30) and at the time of a hurricane watch.

  7. If a storm seems to be approaching over a weekend, we will make hurricane preparations in the library on the Friday of the week. This may be in advance of any tropical storm or hurricane watches or warnings. As storm paths may be unpredictable, equipment preparations should be made prior to the weekend.


Upon official notification that a Hurricane Warning is in effect, the Building Supervisor will close the Library as follows:

  1. Notify Assistant Deans, Department Heads, the Office Manager, Coordinator of Computer Labs, and the Computer center (OIT) that the Library is closing. Supervisors will assure that their prearranged procedures for protecting departmental equipment have been or are being accomplished and notify department employees to evacuate the building for home or other safe shelter as soon as possible. If notification to close occurs on a weekend or at night, the Reference Librarian, or key Access Services personnel will attempt to contact the Building Supervisor. If Building Supervisor or alternates are not available or are unable to come on campus, the Reference Librarian on duty or key Access Services staff who are familiar with the procedures involved in closing the building will carry out evacuation and closing procedures in place of the Building Supervisor. 
  2. Notify Access Services Department staff to evacuate patrons and close building according to the following procedure:
    1. An initial closing announcement is made and repeated once. If a deviation in the proposed announcement is necessary, it is determined at this time. Otherwise, the prescribed announcement is:


    2. The above announcement is made again in five minutes (10 minutes before closing) and repeated once.

    3. A final announcement is made and repeated once at closing time:


    4. The doors to the Library are locked.

    5. The Access Services Supervisor and available assistants make a check of all floors, including restrooms and the group study rooms, to ascertain that all persons have left the building. Lights are turned off on floors and in rooms as they are checked. Office and study room doors are closed and locked.

    6. An Access Services staff member remains at the Access Services Desk to watch for emergency personnel and answer the telephone while the final check is made.

    7. Upon completion of the final check, ending approximately 15 minutes after the closing of the Library, the lights in the Access Services area are turned out and the doors are re-checked for proper locking.


The following is a checklist of equipment, by department or functional area to be protected. Unless otherwise noted, these items should be moved to protected areas of the building, if feasible.   All equipment moved should be tagged or labeled with the department's or person's name for later identification. If there is not enough time or staff available to move items needing protection, all electronic and electrical equipment left in place should be unplugged, moved away from windows, if possible, and covered with plastic sheeting. All office doors should be closed and locked.

M = Move, if feasible
U = Unplug
C = Cover with sheeting
  1. Access Services (Head, Access Services, responsible)
    1. Records, files, etc. - C
    2. PCs and peripherals - U
    3. PCs near windows - U, C
    4. Desks and files near windows - C
    5. Photocopier - U, C
    6. Loaded book trucks near windows - M
    7. Public photocopy machines on all floors - U
    8. Microform Reader Printers - U, C
  2. Administrative Offices (Office Manager, responsible)
    1. Notify SEFLIN (877-733-5460 toll-free), Hillel of Broward and Palm Beach ( 297-4100) FAU Broward Campuses, Jupiter Campus and the Treasure Coast Campus that FAU Boca Campus is closing.
    2. File cabinets - C
    3. Typewriters - U, C
    4. PCs -  U, C
    5. Photocopy machine - U, C
    6. Secure Staff Lounge - Unplug microwave, refrigerator and vending machine.
  3. Building-General (Building Supervisor, responsible)
    1. Check all electrical equipment (assure that all units are unplugged from electrical outlets)
    2. Exterior windows - protect with shutters if available*
    3. Lower fire doors separating the East Wing from the Atrium Lobby *
      To be done by Physical Plant personnel 

  4. Digital Library (Digital Initiatives Librarian and Digital Imaging Technician, responsible)
    1. Bookcases in room 222 -  C
    2. PCs, printers, scanners, cassette deck, and turntable in 222- U, C
    3. Coffee pot, stereo and lamps in 222- U
    4. Filing Cabinets - C
  5. Electronic Resources Unit (Electronic Resources Librarian, responsible)
    1. Telephones - U,C
    2. File cabinets - C
    3. PCs, mobile devices, printers - U,C
    4. Air Filter - U,C
  6. Government Documents Department (Assistant Dean, Public Services, responsible) 
    1. Fax/telephone - U, C
    2. File cabinets - C
    3. Microform Reader Printer - U, C
    4. PCs, printers - U, C
    5. Photocopy machine - U, C 
  7. InterLibrary Loan (Assistant Dean, Public Services, responsible)
    1. Notify Lyrasis, TBLC, DLLI, and the ILL listserv that FAU ILL is being shut down. Change OCLC status to non-lender (go lower case).
    2. Scanners - M, U, C
    3. PCs, printers, copiers, telefax equipment, microform readers, microform reader printers, scanners and copy machines - U, C

  8. Recorded Sound Archives (RSA Director, responsible)
    1. All ranges in 510 - covered with plastic and tape
    2. PCs, printers and scanners in 501, 503, 504, 505, 510, 515 and 516 - U,C
    3. Dehumidifiers in 503, 504, 505, 510, 515 and 516 - U
    4. 501 lounge area microwave and refrigerator - U 
  9. Media Center (Head, Access Services, responsible)
    1. Records, files, etc. - C
    2. PCs and peripherals - U
    3. PCs near windows - U, C
    4. Desks and files near windows - C
    5. Loaded book trucks near windows - M
    6. Multimedia Lab Equipment - U, C
  10. Reference & Instructional Services  (Head, Reference & Instructional Services, responsible)
    1. Typewriters -  U, C
    2. PCs, printers, scanners and copy machines - U, C
    3. Display cases in the atrium lobby and display cases, 2nd floor near Dean's Office and Computer Lab - C
    4. Photocopy Machine - U, C
    5. Compact shelving in Reference - Close, cover with plastic and tape (Head, Reference Department, responsible) 
  11. Special Collections/Archives/Judaica Collections/Jaffe Collection/Book Arts Studio (Head, Special Collections & Archives, and Director, JCBA, responsible)

    Wimberly 2nd Floor East: SpC&A reception (261); processing room (254); closed stacks (263); supply room (265); staff offices (259, 262)
    Wimberly 3rd Floor East: Jaffe Book Arts Center reception (350); book arts studio (350B); closed stacks (350C); storage (350G); staff offices (350D, 350E, 350F); collections gallery (351); curator's office (351C); letterpress studio (318A); staff room (318C)
    Wimberly 5th Floor: SpC&A remote storage (room 501, NW quadrant)
    Wimbish 5th Floor: University Club Conference Room (552); Weiner space (550, 551, 554)
    T-6: Papermaking studio
    T-6: Book & Paper Studio

    1. Archival materials near windows - M
    2. PCs and peripherals - U, C  
    3. All computer equipment near windows - U, C  
    4. Boxes on floor: Move to bottom shelves or pallets 
    5. Papermaking equipment - M, C (as necessary) / Print equipment - U
    6. Art work on exterior walls - M   
    7. Ranges in 501 covered with plastic and tape 

  12. Information Technology Department (Assistant Dean for Information Technology, Assessment, and Project Management)
    1. Web Server - Keep the server running as long as possible and power down the servers on-site or remotely - U (Coordinator, Computer Applications responsible). 
    2. Other Servers in Systems Department - U (Coordinator, Computer Applications, responsible)
    3. All equipment in 313 - U
    4. Library Security System in coordination with Head, Access Services and University Police - U
    5. PCs, printers, and other peripheral equipment in public and staff areas - U.  If equipment is near a window - M, U, C.  In work areas, coordinate with persons responsible for the areas to ensure protection.
    6. Remind library staff to save any important work related files to their department shared drive
    7. Notify FLVC/FALSC that FAU is closing due to approaching hurricane and that all ALEPH functions are being terminated. (Coordinator, Computer Applications will perform this function in the absence of the Assistant Dean  for Information Technology, Assessment, and Project Management) 
  13. Technical Services (Department Heads, Technical Services, responsible)

    (Move designated items to LY 115, if feasible)
    1. PCs and peripherals - U
    2. PCs near windows U, C
    3. Desks and files near windows - C
    4. Photocopier - U, C
    5. New books on shelves - C or M
    6. Loaded book trucks near windows - M
    7. Purchase Order File - M
    8. Art work near windows - M
    9. Theses/Dissertations, logs, files, etc. - M
    10. Fridge, Microwave, Coffee Pots - U
    11. Laptops & projector - M
    12. Boxes of new monographic shipments - M
    13. Printers, U, C



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