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Jewish Recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor:

A Judaica Collection Exhibit

Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient



Rank and organization: Second Lieutenant, 756th Tank Battalion
Place and date: Noroy le Bourg, France,
12 September, 1944
Entered service at: Detroit, Michigan
Birth: Hamtramck, Michigan


On September 12, 1944, Lt. Zussman was in command of two tanks operating with an infantry company in an attack on enemy forces occupying the town of Noroy le Bourg, France. At 7 p.m., his command tank bogged down. Throughout the action, armed only with a carbine, he reconnoitered alone on foot far in advance of his remaining tank and infantry. Returning only from time to time to designate targets, he directed the action of the tank and turned over to the infantry numerous German prisoners that he had caused to surrender. He located a road block and directed his tank to destroy it. Fully exposed to enemy gun fire 50 yards away, he stood by his tank directing its fire. Three Germans were killed and eight surrendered. Again he walked in front of his tank, leading it against an enemy held group of houses, with machine-gun and small arms fire kicking up around his feet. The tank fire broke the enemy's resistance and 20 more surrendered. Going forward again alone, he passed an enemy held house from which gun fire and grenades were directed at him. He ordered the tank to fire on the house and eleven Germans were killed and fifteen surrendered. Going on alone, he disappeared soon to appear with thirty prisoners. Under Lt. Zussman's heroic and inspiring leadership, eighteen enemy were killed and ninety-two were captured

This exhibit was prepared by Seymour "Sy" Brody, of Delray Beach, Florida, editor of JWV's "The Jewish Veteran," and author of Jewish Heroes of America and its sequel, Jewish Heroes and Heroines of America, © 1996. The illustrations are by Art Seiden of Woodmere, New York, a professional artist with over 300 books to his credit.

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