Illustrations by Art Seiden

Florida Atlantic University Libraries

Jewish Heroes and Heroines of America

from Colonial Times to 1900:

Exhibit Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Jacob Barsimson: Paved the Way for Full Citizenship Rights
  3. Gershom Mendes Seixas: The First Native-Born U.S. Rabbi
  4. Francis Salvador: Became "Paul Revere" of the South
  5. Mordecai Sheftall: Acquired Reputation of "Great Rebel"
  6. Haym Salomon: Financier of the Revolutionary War
  7. Solomon Bush: Remembered as a Soldier and Citizen
  8. Aaron Lopez: Merchant Kept Revolutionary Army Supplied
  9. Uriah P. Levy: Naval Hero Ended Practice of Flogging
  10. John Ordroneaux: Fought the British During 1812 War
  11. Judah Touro: A Philanthropist and Soldier
  12. Rebecca Gratz: Dedicated Her Life to Less Fortunate
  13. Mordecai Manuel Noah: Ardent Patriot, Zionist
  14. Penina Moise: Poetess of Judaism
  15. Capt. Mordecai Meyers: Military Hero, Politician
  16. Capt. Levy Myers Harby: Began Naval Career at 14
  17. Capt. Alfred Mordecai: Torn Between Loyalties
  18. Cardoza Family's Legacy: War Heroes and Jurists
  19. Dr. David Camden DeLeon: Hero of War with Mexico
  20. Hannah Solomon: Founder of the Nat'l. Council of Jewish Women
  21. Col. Leon Dyer: Served Country in Three Wars
  22. Ernestine Rose: Key Leader in Women's Rights Struggle
  23. Levi Strauss: The Originator of "Levi's"
  24. Adah Isaacs Menken: Noted Actress and Poet
  25. Isaac Mayer Wise: A Leader In Reform Judaism
  26. Maud Nathan: Social Worker and Suffragist
  27. Judah P. Benjamin: A Noted Lawyer and Politician
  28. Civil War Creates Jewish Soldiers and Heroes
  29. First Jewish Army Chaplain Approved During Civil War
  30. Edward S. Salomon: Hero of Gettysburg
  31. Edward Rosewater: Served as Telegrapher for Lincoln
  32. Leopold Karpeles: Received The Congressional Medal of Honor
  33. Five Additional Jewish Civil War Medal of Honor Recipients
  34. The Seligman Family: In The Civil War And After
  35. Rosanna Dyer Osterman: A Civil War Nurse and Philanthropist
  36. Phoebe Yates Levy Pember: A Civil War Nurse
  37. Major Leopold Blumenberg: A Hero of the Civil War
  38. Three Unknown Jewish Military Heroes
  39. Jewish War Veterans: Born Out of Anti-Semitism
  40. Jews Served with Honor in the Spanish-American War
  41. Adolphus Simeon Solomons: Helped Organize The Red Cross
  42. Lipman E. "Lip" Pike: Baseball's First Pro
  43. Nathan Strauss: He Cared for People and Palestine
  44. Emile Berliner: A Legacy of Innovation, Invention
  45. Rachel "Ray" Frank: “Girl Rabbi of the Golden West”
  46. Emma Lazarus: A Poetess and Helper of Immigrants
  47. Abigail Levy Franks: The Epitome of a Jewish Mother in Colonial America

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