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Ellen Goodman: National
Pulitzer Prize Columnist

by Seymour “Sy” Brody

Ellen Goodman, a Pulitzer Prize recipient, through her national syndicated columns, simplified national issues and its effect on the personal lives of her readers.

Her many talents enabled her to highlight the truths of current events.

Ellen Goodman is the daughter of Edith Weinstein Holtz and Jacob Holtz, Jewish. She was born on April 11, 1941, in Newton, Massachusetts. Her sister, Jane Holtz Kay, is an architecture critic and author.

She married Anthony Goodman in 1963. They had one daughter, Katie, born in 1968. In 1982, she married Bob Levey, a journalist with the Boston Globe.

Goodman was a cum laude graduate of Radcliffe College, in 1963. Her first job was a researcher and reporter for Newsweek, 1963-65. She was the first woman to work for them in this capacity. In 1965, she was a reporter for the Detroit Press. In 1967 to the present, she worked for the Boston Globe as an associate editor and columnist

Ellen Goodman was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Commentary, in 1980. She received many other awards which included the American Society of Newspaper Editors Distinguished Writing Award, 1980, The Hubert H. Humphrey Civil Rights Award from the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, 1988; At its Seventh Annual Exceptional Merit Media Award, 1993; The Women’s Research & Education Institute awarded her their American Woman Award, 1994.

She authored seven books: Turning Point, 1979, Close to Home, 1979, At Large, 1981, Keeping in Touch, 1985, Making Sense, 1989; Value Judgements, 1993; Paper Trail, 2004. Goodman coauthored with Patricia O’Brien, I know Just What You Mean: The Power of Friendship in Women’s Lives, 2000.

Ellen Goodman, as a columnist and author, has been a positive influence on the lives of millions of American people.

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