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A fun-filled public eSports event held by Florida Atlantic University at Jupiter that raises money for charity and disability awareness.


At The Owl Games you raise money by gaming. Once you organize your team, you'll be entered into the tournament to see who is the grand champion this year!


At The Owl Games you'll have a ton of opportunities to win prizes, whether you're playing, watching, or just hanging out. You don't have to win, to win prizes!


At The Owl Games you'll be supporting Canine Companions for Independence as you compete, spectate, or donate. Learn more about CCI and what they do below!

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About The Owl Games

Learn what we started as, what we are now, and where we're going.

  • Fall 2013

    It All Starts With An Idea

    Collegiate eSports began rising in popularity. In particular, League of Legends' player count and viewership continued to sky-rocket. As a pilot event, we put on a small-scale competition designed to investigate student interest in eSports on the Jupiter Campus. The WE ARE LEGENDS tournament took place in March of 2014, utilizing the Office of Information Technology's newly updated computer lab, and invited students and their friends to come out and play in a competition arena. The event went off without a hitch, and students voiced their opinions; do it again!

  • Spring & Summer 2014


    By Summer 2013 the production team had formed and we were hard at work developing an idea of a large scale eSports event with a twist: raising money for Canine Companions for Independence while having a blast playing video games. We spent a majority of the time developing Marketing Material and coordinating with the community to bring everyone together effectivley. By the beggining of Fall, we had secured the framework for the event and were ready to move forward.

  • FALL 2014

    Now You Have To Tell Everyone

    We lead a huge social media and on campus marketing campaign to raise awareness for #TheOwlGames, and held multiple on-campus tabling sessions that helped spread the word. By working with local and non-local businesses, we were able to establish a connection with our community, and get everyone excited for the awesome event on the horizon.

  • October 11, 2014

    But Then You Have to Do It

    On October 11th, the production team successfully put on The Inaugural Owl Games; over 110 players took part in a League of Legends competition to support Canina Companions for Independence, and more than 450 attendees came out to support the event. In total we raised just over $2,000 for CCI in just one day. Attendees and players got to go home with awesome prizes like a brand new Dell Laptop, a handful of NVIDIA SHIELDs, a huge Vizio HDTV, a ton of local gifts and giftcards, and so much more.

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