FAU Jupiter Communication Department Design Request Guidelines

Banner Guidelines

Please read through the following guidelines before submitting the required Design Request Form. Jupiter Communications will find an appropriate vendor, obtain a quote or to record.


  • The person or office initiating the project bears responsibility of proofreading. Please have all content proofread and corrected before it comes to the Jupiter Communication Department. This includes spelling, phone numbers, websites, wording, photos, structuring and flow of copy.
  • All necessary approvals of content from those in your area must be obtained before submission.
  • No content will be accepted in writing, only in electronic format.
  • See project timelines below for guidelines on how long a project might take to complete.


Alterations to the publication is kept to only 3 rounds of revisions. This adds time to the production process and after a project is in layout, format and text revisions may delay your timeline.

Billing Process:

When the design is approved, The Jupiter Communication Department will obtain a quote from a vendor and approval from FAU Creative Services. The client is responsible for creating a purchase order for the project through Workday, which requires all the specifications of the project, the cost and the delivery information, which is furnished in the vendor’s quote that you will receive. All vendor invoices will be sent to the client listed as the contact on the purchase order. 


Please use the guide below to plan your project. Timelines listed do not include printing time:


Print and Publication Designs Working Days (not including print time)  
Invites/Notecards/Postcards                 8 working days  
Folder 10-15 working days  
Trifold Brochures/Event Programs 10-15 working days


Multiple Page Brochure                     15-20 working days  
Posters                                      10-15 working days  
Banners                10-15 working days  
Reprint (any) 8 working days  
Reprint w/Revisions 10-15 working days  
Print Ads  10 working days  
Flyers 10 Working Days  
Digital and Email Designs
Working Days  
HTML Email  10-15 working days  
Power Point                 
10 working days  
New Web                  Images/Graphics 10 working days  
New web page    15 working days  
Digital Ads 8 working days


Update content on web page 3 working days