Important Announcements

Announcements 2017

August 30

Additional Step for Employment Based Permanent Resident Applicants

August 3

Special Instructions for B-1/B-2 Visitors Who Want to Enroll in School

June 29

United States: Travel Ban Expected to Take Effect on Thursday, June 29

June 13

Ninth Circuit Upholds Injunction Against Entry Ban Alert

Mar 16

Executive Order litigation and the March 16, 2017 effective date

Mar 6

USCIS Cancel H1B Premium Processing

Jan 28

Travel Advisory for Nationals of Certain Countries Pursuant to Executive Order

Announcements 2016

May 10

Final STEM OPT Rule

Announcements 2015

Nov 09

Nepal Crisis: Information for International Educators

Oct 19


August 27

Extending TPS for Haiti

June 19

State Department technical problems causing visa delays

May 29

Allowing F-2 and M-2 part time postsecondary/vocational study

May 26

Employment Authorization for Certain H-4 Dependent Spouses

Jan 15

U.S.-Cuba Detente Paves the Way for Deeper Academic Tie

Announcements 2014

Nov 10

United States, China Agree to Extend Student Visa Validity

Announcements 2013

Nov 15 USCIS relief measures for those impacted by the typhoon in the Philippines
Nov 12 IIE Launches Emergency Student Fund for U.S.-based Students from the Philippines
August 5 US vs.Windsor, DOMA and Immigration Benefits
May 9 SEVIS status verification at Ports of Entry
April 5 USCIS reaches FY 2014 H-1B Cap
January 7 Expanded e-Request and Case Status Services
January 7 DHS Makes Available E-Verify Employee Online Search Tool
January 7 SEVP submits proposed rule on number of DSOs and F-2/M-2 part-time study


Announcements 2012

August 16 CBP Discontinues Stamping Form I-20 At Ports of Entry
August 14 CBP Announces Delay In I-94 Data Entry
June 15 DHS Policy on Deferred Action for Young People ...
June 14 FY 2013 H-1B Cap Reached
June 14 E-Verify Employers and Federal Contractors List
May 11 DHS Updates STEM Designated Degree Program List
April 3 Syrian F-1 Special Student Relief Notice
March 29 New Visa Processing Fees Effective April 13, 2012
March 29 Syria Designated For TPS
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