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Each IEI level of instruction consists of five subject areas: Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening, and Conversation/Pronunciation. Students in the higher levels who qualify with a pre-test score may choose to enroll in a TOEFL Preparation class or an IELTS Preparation class instead of the Conversation class.


GRAMMAR 1-5:  The IEI recognizes that learning English grammar requires more than memorization of rules for effective learning. Our English grammar classes are highly interactive, allowing students to learn in a real-life atmosphere. Evaluations given during the semester measure each student's progress. Level 5 students on the Conditional Admission track take Grammar Lab in place of this course (see below).


Reading READING 1-5: Reading classes are designed to increase students' abilities through the use of academic reading selections in class and assigned novels, short stories, and essays outside of class. Instructors help students discover new vocabulary and employ reading strategies to maximize comprehension; in addition, students learn to analyze and respond to reading topics.

WRITING 1-5: IEI students learn academic writing through comprehensive study and practice. Students learn to organize their ideas and then to create sentences, paragraphs, essays, and research papers, building on their abilities as the class progresses.

RESEARCH AND PRESENTATION: This high-level course is offered to Level 5 students to allow them to develop topics of interest in both written and spoken presentation form. Skills learned in this course allow students to improve their ability to research and cite sources, write formal research papers, and present their research using visual support.   

Speaking_Class CONVERSATION 1-3: Through activities such as situational conversation, topical discussion, note-taking, and oral presentations, students strengthen their English vocabulary and learn Standard American English intonation and pronunciation. The methodology of this class rapidly increases each student's level of fluency.



LISTENING 1-3: Instructors use a variety of audio lessons that increase in length and difficulty as the student progresses. Topics are of academic and current interest and take the form of podcasts, university lectures, and recorded interviews. Students build comprehension and note-taking skills in these courses.

  COMMUNICATION 4 AND 5:  High-Intermediate and Advanced level Intensive English Track students work on their ability to speak and understand spoken English at a high level in these classes. They learn to give presentations, participate in discussions of current and academic interest, and learn to respond to complex listening/audiovisual selections designed to teach them to take notes and express ideas based on those notes. Students also work on targeted pronunciation issues to improve others' comprehension of their speech. 

US CULTURE:  This course, designed for Level 4 students, introduces the history of the US, from its founding to the present. Students learn and discuss how US culture has evolved based on its founding documents and on the growth of its society and government.

ENGLISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES: Level 5 students learn career-specific vocabulary and use it in business and academic-themed discussions and writing in this course. Topics may include commerce, technology, or engineering.

PRONUNCIATION: Level 5 students work on reducing their accents and improving comprehension once a week in this class. Students focus on the sounds, intonation, and stress patterns of American English.



GRAMMAR LAB: In this guided self-study course, Level 5 students on the Conditional Admission track work on improving their grammar with the help of instructors.

THREE-CREDIT FAU COURSE: Level 5 students on the Conditional Admission track take one three-credit FAU course to start on the path to their chosen major. Courses are chosen by the Conditional Admission track advisor and may vary by semester.



TOEFL and IELTS Test Preparation: The IEI may offer two test preparation courses for qualified students: TOEFL and IELTS. In each course, instructors cover all aspects of the exam, from English language issues to test-taking skills. In the case of the TOEFL course, this is a full-term course which replaces the Communication 4 or 5 afternoon class. By the end of the term, students are well-prepared for the TOEFL iBT and the Institutional TOEFL exam, which is given at FAU the end of each term to those TOEFL Preparation course students who wish to take it. Depending on demand, a full elective course or a Friday Afternoon Elective course in IELTS preparation may be offered. 




FRIDAY AFTERNOON ELECTIVE SESSIONS: Depending on the level of student interest, these optional, non-academic short courses may be offered at no additional cost for an hour and a half for a block of up to four Fridays during the term. Elective themes vary depending on student interest as well and may include topics such as Business English, Pronunciation, ESOL Technology, Current Events, or Music in English.


 LEARNING LAB:  F ull-time students may make an appointment for free tutoring sessions in grammar and writing. Sessions are one-on-one with one of our professional instructors and are designed to help students overcome individual blocks which are preventing their advancement. Schedule varies by semester.


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