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Next Educational Destination of
2007-08 Graduating Seniors
National Survey of Student Engagement - NSSE
Fall 2008 PDF NSSE Results 2010
  NSSE Results for Faculty PowerPoint
   2006-07 Interactive Survey
Student Satisfaction Survey Graduating Senior Survey
2011 Survey Results 2009-10 Results PowerPoint
2009 PDF 2007-08 Results PowerPoint
2007 PowerPoint 1999-2006 PowerPoint
2005 PowerPoint 1999-2007 Complete Results by Year, Who and how? comments, Highlights, 1999-2000
2003 PowerPoint  
2001 Interactive Survey, Survey Results, Highlights  
1998 PDF  
Student Progression Model Graduate Assistant Stipend Comparison
2002-03 Entering Class PDF 2007-08 PDF
2001-02 Entering Class PDF 2005-06 PDF
2000-01 Entering Class PDF     
1999-2000 Entering Class PDF    
Transfer Student Survey Summary      Graduate Student Exit Survey Results
2008 PDF      2005 Word
Effects of Freshmen Learning Communities on Academic Success Analysis of the Psychometric Properties of the Student Perception of Teaching Instrument (SPOT)
2008 PDF 2008 PDF
Alumni Survey Distance Learning Follow-up Results
2001 Interactive Survey 2005 Results
Analysis of Distance Learning SPOT Evaluations Reverse-Transfer Student Study
2003-04 Summary,   Data 1999 PDF
Progression and Outcomes of First Time in College Students, An Admissions Study   
1989-97 PDF   

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