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The President of Florida Atlantic University, the SACS Accreditation Liaison, and the SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation staff wish to acknowledge and thank the many units and individuals who have contributed their time, energies, and talents toward the completion of this Compliance Certification Report.

Florida Atlantic University Senior Staff

  • John Kelly, President
  • Jeff Atwater, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and CFO
  • Patrick Chun, Vice President for Athletics
  • Daniel C. Flynn, Vice President for Research
  • Peter Hull, Vice President of Public Affairs
  • David Kian, JD Vice President , Lega Affairs and General Counsel
  • Corey King, Ed.D, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Danita Nias, Vice President for Advancement, CEO FAU Foundation
  • Gary W. Perry, Ph.D., Provost and Vice President Academic Affairs
  • Stacy A, Volnick, M.Ed., Vice President, Administrative Affairs and CAO

SACS Leadership Team

  • John Kelly, President
  • Jeffrey Buller, Dean of Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College and Co-chair QEP
  • Brenda Claiborne, University Provost and Chief Academic Officer
  • William McDaniel, President, University Faculty Senate and Member, FAU Board of Trustees
  • Edward Pratt, Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Co-chair QEP
  • Eliah Watlington, Associate Provost, Northern Campuses

Compliance Audit Team
This team of individuals performed an initial review to identify and evaluate supporting documentation to establish compliance.

  • Phyllis Bebko, Associate Vice President of Broward Campuses
  • Azita Dashtaki Dotiwala, Associate Vice President for Facilities
  • Maria Mascaro, Associate Director, Human Resources
  • Sandra Norman, Associate Professor, College of Arts and Letters
  • Darlene Parrish, University Librarian
  • Zhiyuan Ma, Interim Director,  Institutional Effectiveness and Analysis
  • Elizabeth Rubin, Associate General Counsel
  • Eliah Watlington, Associate Provost, Northern Campuses

Compliance Certification Report Lead Writers
This group of writers assembled the supporting documentation, prepared the narratives, and/or coordinated the completion of FAU's Compliance Certification for their respective division or area.

  • Diane Alperin, Associate Provost for Academic Personnel and Programs
  • Azita Dashtaki Dotiwala, Associate Vice President for Facilities
  • Patricia Heydet-Kirsch, Director of Assessment and Program Evaluation, Assistant Professor, College of Education
  • Edward Pratt, Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • Elizabeth Rubin, Associate General Counsel

Compliance Certification Report Supporting Writers
Supporting the Lead Writers was a team of dedicated writers that contributed to the completion of this report.

  • Jason Ball, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • Jennifer Bebergal, Director, Student Retention
  • Tracy Boulukos, Director, Student Financial Aid
  • Sharon Brown, Director of Finance, Community Engagement
  • James Capp, Communications and Events Coordinator
  • James Cooley, Director, Communication Infrastructure and Information Security Officer
  • Susan Fulks, Assistant Dean, Graduate College
  • Maria Jennings, Assistant University Registrar
  • Mihaela Metianu, Director, International Students
  • Darlene Parrish, University Librarian, Libraries Assessment Coordinator
  • Ed Schiff, Director, Purchasing
  • Stacey Semmel, Assistant Vice President for Finance, University Controller
  • Jie Shi, Associate Budget Director, Budget Office
  • Eliah Watlington, Associate Provost for Northern Campuses

Compliance Certification Support Staff
These individuals coordinated the SACS Reaffirmation of Accreditation process, assisted with the formatting and proofing of the document, and submission of the final report.

  • Mary Mertz, SACS CCR Coordinator
  • Andrew LaPlant, Coordinator, Board of Trustees Operations
  • Lauri Rebar, Assistant Librarian, Wimberly Library

Credentialing Task Force
The task force, comprised of faculty and staff, was assembled by the University Provost to validate documentation of faculty credentials and verify data entry.

  • Kathleen Wright, Coordinator, Academic Personnel
  • Mari Youngman, Assistant to the Associate Provost for Assessment and Instruction
  • Lynn Appleton, Professor and Chair, Sociology, Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters
  • Nurgun Erdol, Professor, College of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Amy McLaughlin, Assistant Professor, Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College
  • Mahesh Neelakanta, Director, Computer Applications, College of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Charles Roberts, Professor, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
  • Mary Walsh, Instructor, College of Business

Institutional Data
Members of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Analysis responded to numerous requests for data from the writing teams and requests for updates to the reporting databases.

  • Zhiyuan Ma, Interim Director, Institutional Effectiveness and Analysis
  • Komal Sharma , Executive Assistant
  • John Cahill, Senior Research Analyst
  • Maite Trujillo Vega, Programmer/Systems Analyst
  • Margaret Goodlin, Programmer/Systems Analyst
  • Michael Pace, Programmer/Systems Analyst
  • Howard Hamilton , Programmer/Systems Analyst
  • Benjamin Silva , Statistical Research Analyst

Technical Support
The Information Technology staff provided constant technical support, website design assistance, data import, and served as an interface for working in the Xitracs© application.

  • Jason Ball, Associate Vice President, Strategic Planning and Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
  • David Correa, Assistant Director Administrative Systems
  • Barbara Kenney, Associate Director Administrative Systems
  • Brandon Land, Specialist, Middleware and Application Development
  • Rhian Resnick, Assistant Director, Office of Information Technology, Middleware and Application Development
  • Wendy Wong, Associate Director, Enterprise Systems
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