Teaching Pedagogies and Assessment Strategies

Concept Mapping

Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
Home page (A concept map of concept maps!)
Download ConceptMap software (free after email registration)

Inspiration ® (software you may purchase to develop concept maps)

Cooperative Learning and Peer Instruction
Peer Instruction: A User's Manual
Calibrated Peer Review of Chemistry writing assignments
Richard Felder's Education-Related Publications: Cooperative Learning
Distance/Online Learning

Distance Learning Resource Network (DLRN)

Improving Learning and Reducing Costs:  New Models for Online Learning
Carol A. Twigg

Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis:  Just-in-Time Teaching

Just-in-Time Teaching: Blending Active Learning with Web Technology
by Gregor M. Novak, Andrew D. Gavrin, Wolfgang Christian, and Evelyn T. Patterson
SafeAssign (plagiarism prevention)
University of Kansas Medical Center:  Designing Effective Posters
PowerPoint Presentations
ACT360Media & Microsoft:  PowerPoint in the Classroom
From Now On:  The Educational Technology Journal
Vol 10 No 1 Sep 2000, Jamie McKensie:  Scoring PowerPoints
Problem-Based Learning
Higher Education Academy:  Problem-Based Learning
The Power of Problem-Based Learning
Service Learning
Corporation for National and Community Service
The Measure of Service Learning:
Research Scales to Assess Student Experiences

Robert G. Bringle, Mindy A. Phillips, and Michael Hudson
Supplemental Instruction
Understanding the Supplemental Instruction (SI) Model by David R. Arendale
University of Missouri - Kansas City:  Supplemental Instruction
Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)
Field-Tested Learning Assessment Guide
(CATs for Science, Technology, Engineering,  Mathematics)
Middle Tennessee State University: Classroom Assessment Techniques Designed for Technology
Portland State University: TechnoCATs: Ways to Use Technology as Classroom Assessment Techniques
Engaging/A ssessing Large Classes

Engaging Large Classes: Strategies and Techniques for College Faculty

Edited by Christine A. Stanley and M. Erin Porter

Brief synopsis of the book by Michael Ruiz

Calibrated Peer Review of Chemistry writing assignments
City University of New York - LaGuardia Community College:  e-Portfolio
Scoring Rubrics
Authentic Assessment Toolbox
provides examples of standards and rubrics from several disciplines
Multimedia Mania 2004 Rubrics! (scoring rubric for multimedia projects)
Online tool for developing scoring rubrics:  Rubistar
Setting Passing Standards on Tests
Setting passing standards for employment tests
presented at 1999 Mid-Atlantic Personnel Assessment Consortium
Updated: January 2011

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