Richard Shusterman


In English

Interview in artUS : "Soma Holiday"

Interview in Parachute: "Art and Self-Fashioning"

Two Questions on Cannibalism and Rap in English and Portuguese

Breaking Out of the White Cube

The Pragmatist Aesthetics of Richard Shusterman: A Conversation

Interview in Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education

The Helka Interview in Helsinki (June 2000)

Interview in Naked Punch

Interview at the Wittgenstein symposium in Austria (1995) 

In French

         "Une esthétique biolgique" 02 No 46 (Summer  2008)

Profile/ Interview in Philosophie Magazine (March 2008)

Profile/ Interview in Le Point (online version, 13 December 2007), print version

Interview in Le Point (13 December 2007)

Interview and book review in Le Monde (30 November 2007)

Interview in le gredin

Interview in Revue d'esthetique (1994)

Interview in the French Daily Le Jour


In Chinese

Somaesthetic dialogue at FudanSouth China Quarterly (2014)

Commentary on the discussion between Pan Gongkai and Richard Shusterman (2011)

Philosophical Trends - Interview and book review of Chinese version of Performing Live (2008)

"Somaesthetics: Progress and Issues-- A Dialogue and Argument between American and Chinese Scholars", Academic Monthly, No.8, (2007)

Interview at Peking University (October 2002), published in the Peking University Journal of Philosophy

In Other Languages

Feldenkrais Forum Interview, " Ist man glücklicher, wenn man sich selbst kennt?" (German)

Interview in Asterisk (Copenhagen, August 2004)

Interviewed in Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik: A Quarterly of Language, Literature, and Culture

Polish interview in Odra

Brazilian interview in Folha de São Paolo

Interview in Material, a Swedish Art Magazine

SAMTALER I SAMTIDEN Norwegian interview

Finnish interview in Konigsberg

Interview in Synteesi

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