Timetrade Procedures

Thank you for visiting the FAU/Timetrade Online Registration webpage to participate in online registration for an FAU employee training offering.  Originally, AMP and SP employees’ participating in the mandatory Customer Service training had their employee information uploaded into the system and could logon using their Z# and Last Name (as their password).  We are proud to have expanded our course offerings and are using the system for PeopleAdmin and Diversity Training registrations.  Employees having participated in Customer Service Training may register for other training programs and login by using their Z# and Last Name.  All other interested registrants who have not previously used the registration system should create a new account by linking to fau.timetrade.com and then the 'click here' link on that page.  Again, welcome to online FAU/Timetrade Online Registration System.

Below is an example of the new registration screen with sample entries in the
gray shaded areas.


*Username Z# Z99905281 Required for all future logins.  Default is your Z# (with a capital 'Z'), but you don't have to use it.  (Must be minimum of 6 characters)
*Password anything Required for all future logins.  Default is your Last Name with capital in front (i.e, Falloretta).  (New registrants can use anything, minimum 6 characters)
*Confirm password anything Required. Re-enter your password to confirm your selection above.
ID Z99905281 Your Z#, not required, but if you don't  use it as your Username, it would be helpful if you entered here.
*Pay plan AMP Required:   AMP, SP, Faculty, Student or Temporary
*Last name Nelcy Required
*First Name Sherley Required
Location FA0004 Not Required: Your Location Code - to find yours click here.
Title Web Developer Systems Analyst   
*Department Human Resources Required
*Email address abc@fau.edu Required - this is used to send confirmation, cancellation and reminder emails to you regarding your class registration.
*Email Format HTML Required.  Select HTML or Plain Text

*Items marked with an asterisk are required.

 Last Modified 11/8/16