II.  Establishment of Qualifications

When a vacancy is identified, the first responsibility of the hiring authority is to review the position description to ensure that it is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.  This is the time to review department needs and structure to ensure the recruitment process will attract applicants whose qualifications and experience will fulfill the needs of the department. Prior to preparing the recruitment request, the hiring manager should consider:

  • How does this position relate to the business or goals of the department?
  • Does the position description accurately reflect skills and objectives to support department goals?
  • Has the department undergone changes or restructuring that would affect the job level or classification of this position?
  • Does this position take into consideration future organizational changes (turnover, attrition, anticipated retirements or resignations, etc?)

Any updates or changes in the job must be reflected in the position description that has been entered into the PeopleAdmin system.  The position description is the foundation for the employment selection process and should be accurate so applicants with job-related skills can be matched to the position.  A Representative from Human Resources is able to work with hiring managers to ensure that the appropriate job-related qualifications are reflected in the position description and documented in the PeopleAdmin system ( Position Description Info ).

As part of establishing or updating a position description, the hiring manager must complete the recruitment requisition in order to post the position.  Please refer to instructions outlined on the FAU Recruitment Services website:  PeopleAdmin Recruitment & Hiring Process.

When preparing the recruitment request, hiring managers are encouraged to be specific. This is the opportunity for the hiring managers to clearly describe required education/training, experience, specific skills, and familiarity with specific equipment, software or processes necessary for successful job performance.  The composition of the applicant pool is directly related to posted position summary.

 Each position classification has pre-determined minimum requirements. In addition to the minimums, the hiring manager should determine the attributes and accomplishments essential for competent performance of the job.  These may include competencies, knowledge, skills and abilities, education, specialized training, occupational certification, professional designations, and non-standard work schedule or conditions.

It is important to distinguish between minimum requirements for a position and any additional qualifications that are preferred. As applications are screened, if a specific qualification is required, the Recruitment Services Office will not refer anyone for an interview who does not meet that requirement.

 Last Modified 11/8/16