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Pre-Employment Background Screening
In an effort to continually provide and maintain a safe environment for the University community at large, Florida Atlantic University requires all new employees (Faculty, AMP, SP, Adjunct, Student , Temporary , andVolunteers) to undergo a pre-employment background check. In addition to first time employees, background checks will be performed on current employees transferring to a new division within the University only if they have not had one within the last year.   Individuals converting from student employment positions will be subject to a standard background check.  Any former employee with more than 1 year break in service will be required to undergo a new background check prior to re-hire.
Pre-employment screenings provide the University with critical information to use in making the best and most informed hiring decisions. The components of the pre-employment screening include:
  • Criminal history and sexual offender history will be performed by HireRight, the approved background screening vendor for Florida  Atlantic University.
  • Checks of credit history and/or driving record will be required for positions having fiduciary or driving responsibilities. Pre-employment drug screening may be required for certain positions. As      needed, these screenings will be performed by HireRight, Inc.
  • Some University departments requiring level two background checks as defined by the Jessica Lunsford Act will implement their own investigation, for example, Florida Atlantic University Police Department, Slattery Educational Center and A.D. Henderson University School and will provide copies of the completed report to Human Resources  to be incorporated in the employee’s file.
  • As required by the State of Florida, level 2 background checks will be run for all employees and volunteers  involved in FAU sponsored summer camps These checks will be initiated through the Recruitment Services Office.
  • Hiring managers are responsible for conducting professional reference checks prior to recommending any applicant for hire.
  • Hiring departments are strongly urged to contact Employee Relations to review personnel files of current or previous line/staff employees as past performance is a good predictor of future behavior.
  • Verification of education credentials. Prior to the first day of employment, new SP and AMPemployees are required to provide official documentation confirming the award of their highest level of education which may be a degree, diploma or GED. Temporary employees making more than $50,000 annually or $24.00 per hour (regardless of FTE) are also required to provide official documentation confirming their highest completed degree.
    • Acceptable documents include official sealed transcripts, sent directly from the educational institution to Human Resources.
    • The Recruitment Services Office of Florida Atlantic University will confirm through the University Registrar’s office the award of degrees to graduates ofFAU.
    • Failure to provide acceptable verification of education will result in termination of employment.
  • Verification of Education credentials for Faculty/Adjunct candidates must follow the procedures for academic hiring set forth by the Office of the Provost.
All background check requests for the Broward Campuses should be coordinated through Nancy Vincenty, Human Resources Manager .

Upon successful completion of the background check, the hiring manager will be notified to contact the applicant to confirm a start date. He/She must prepare a formal offer letter on official department letterhead for signature by the applicant. In addition the hiring manager must prepare a Personnel Action Form, obtain all required signatures and forward the PAF along with all required documents to the
Recruitment Services Office.

Questionable background check results will be escalated to the
AssociateDirector of Human Resources for review.

Personnel Action Forms will not be forwarded to Processing & Records Unit until all components of the background check have been successfully satisfied and all required New Hire Documentation has been received.

For detailed instructions on Florida Atlantic University’s background screening process relative to recruitment, please refer to AMP, SP or Temporary Hiring Process tabs on the
Recruitment Serviceswebpage or contact our office at 7-3058.

For posted positions, after the initial hiring review is complete and the applicant has accepted the contingent offer of employment, the hiring manager should send an email the Recruitment Services Office at indicating the applicant has accepted the offer and requesting a background check. The email should include:
      • The applicant’s name
      • The position number
      • Agreed upon starting salary
      • Index number for the background check charge
      • Immediate supervisor’s name and title
If any department is hiring employee without benefit of recruitment, the individual must complete an on-line application. The hiring manager must send an email requesting the background check. The email must include:
      • The applicant’s legal name
      • Active email address
      • Z #, if applicable
      • Capacity in which person is being hired (ex. temporary, acting, adjunct, etc.)
      • Will the candidate have any driving or fiduciary responsibilities?
      • Does the candidate have a social security number or should an international check be conducted? 
      • Index number for the background check charge
      • Official department name
      • Division name (Provost or VP)
      • Will the candidate reside in the state of Florida during their employment with FAU? 
      • If not, what state will he/she reside in?
      • FOR FACULTY/ADJUNCT POSITIONS ONLY- What is the contact name, building, and room number that transcripts should be mailed for credentialing purposes?
The Recruitment Services Office will initiate the background check and notify the hiring department of the results.
The hiring manager should instruct the applicant to monitor their email account for a message from: . The subject line will read: Florida Atlantic University Background Verification

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