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Hiring a Temporary Employee

Temporary positions are not established positions, provide no benefits, and are paid from OPS funds. The length of each position depends on available funding. They provide part-time or full-time employment. Temporary positions may be exempt or non-exempt based on job duties and salary in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  Temporary positions do not have layoff rights and may be terminated without prior notice. Applicants hired into Temporary positions may apply for a regular appointment should a vacancy become available.

For Class Titles, Class Codes and minimum salary requirements refer to the Temporary Employment Procedures & Salary Guidelines before beginning the hiring/recruitment process.

A department may choose to hire a temporary employee with or without benefit of recruitment.  If the hiring manager has an available temporary position but has not identified a candidate, the position may be posted on PeopleAdmin.  However, if a qualified candidate is readily available, a posting is not required.  Below are the hiring processes for each of these situations.  Please click on the appropriate button for detailed instructions.

Temporary Posting Process

If you wish to post a Temporary position on the PeopleAdmin system

Temporary Hiring Process

If you wish to hire a Temporary employee without posting the position

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