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When a FAU student has graduated or will be graduating, is non-degree seeking, or has dropped below 6 credit hours in the current semester, they may no longer be eligible to be classified as a student employee.  In this case it may be appropriate to process a Temporary (OPS) assignment for the individual.  To confirm a student employee's eligibility, please contact Student Employment at

To avoid a break in payroll, please begin this process at least 30 days prior to graduation or change of eligibility.

Temporary positions are not established positions and are paid from OPS funds. Temporary positions are usually not eligible for benefits and retirement; however they may be eligible for health insurance coverage depending on the average hours worked per week.  They provide full-time or part-time employment in an exempt or non-exempt employment situation based on job duties and salary in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  Temporary positions do not have layoff rights and may be terminated without prior notice. Applicants hired into Temporary positions may apply for a regular appointment should a vacancy become available.

For Class Titles, Class Codes and minimum salary requirements refer to the Temporary Employment Procedures & Salary Guidelines before beginning the hiring/recruitment process.

Student to Temporary Hiring Process Checklist

  1. The applicant must log into PeopleAdmin ( ) and complete a Support Personnel/Temporary application.  (The applicant will receive a notice from the system that the application is not complete because they have not applied for a specific position.  Disregard this message.)  The applicant must notify the hiring manager that they have completed the on-line application including education and employment history.

  2. Prior to the offer of employment the hiring manager must send an email to Recruitment Services at requesting a background check. The email must include:
    • Candidate’s name and email address:
    • Candidate’s Z# (if applicable):
    • In what capacity is the candidate being hired (i.e. OPS, Adjunct, Affiliate, etc)?
    • Will the candidate have fiduciary responsibilities?
    • Will the candidate be driving a University vehicle (this includes a golf cart)?
    • Does the candidate have a social security number or should an international background check be conducted (NOTE: we do not need their SS#)?
    • Index # to charge the background check:
    • Official name of hiring department and the division the department falls under (i.e. VP of Student Affairs, Provost Office, etc):
    • Will the candidate reside in the state of Florida during their employment with FAU?
    • If not, what state will he/she reside in?

      The candidate may not begin or continue working until the background check is 
      complete and has been approved for hire.
  1. The Recruitment Services department will initiate the background screening process. The candidate will receive an email from The email subject line will read “Florida Atlantic University background verification”. The email notification will explain the background screening process and request specific information from the candidate. He/She must provide the required information before the check may proceed. On average, background investigations can take three (3) to five (5) business days from the date the applicant submits the request. However, completion dates can also be affected by response times from local jurisdictions.

    All student workers transferring to a Temporary (OPS) assignment must complete a standard background check. Returning employees may be subject to a background check dependent upon break in service.  Employees transferring to a new division are also subject to an updated background check.  Checks of credit history or driving record are performed based on requirements of the position.

  2. The hiring manager will receive notification from Human Resources when the background screening process has been completed.  Any questionable responses will be escalated to the Associate Director of Human Resources.

  3. The Recruitment Services will notify the hiring authority when the background check has been completed.  The hiring authority may contact the candidate to confirm continued employment or agree upon a start date.

  4. A completed PAF with required signatures and the appropriate offer letter must be forwarded to the Recruitment Services department to complete the hiring process.   All PAFs need a minimum of two signatures from different individuals. The budgetary unit (VP, Provost, Dean, or President) should always be one of the two signatures. The required PAF and supporting document can be found at one of the following links Non-Exempt OPS package or Exempt OPS package.  Refer to How to complete a PAF for assistance.

    The offer letter must be prepared on departmental letterhead and signed by the hiring manager and the candidate.

  5. All New Hire paperwork must be submitted prior to the start of employment.  If attending orientation, paperwork must be submitted to the Employment Office by 10:00 a.m. on the Wednesday preceding the expected start date of the employee..

  6. The Recruitment Services department will forward the PAF and all appropriate paperwork to Processing and Records. Incomplete or inaccurate paperwork will be returned to the hiring department for correction and may result in a delay in start of employment, contract processing and payroll.

  7. Student employees converting to a Temporary (OPS) assignment must complete new sign-in documentation and be prepared to provide proof of eligibility to work in the U.S. by presenting acceptable identification for the I-9 form .

  8. By law, all new employees must complete the I-9 process within three (3) days of their first day of employment. After the sign-in, the employee's assignment will be entered into the payroll system.  Temporary employees may sign in with the Processing & Records section of Human Resources on Tuesday or Thursday from 9:00 AM. to 4:00 PM. After sign-in and receipt of all required documentation, the employee's assignment will be entered into the payroll system. Please refer to the PAF submission schedule for anticipated pay dates.

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