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SP (Support Personnel) positions are general support staff positions such as clerical, technical, skilled and unskilled trades. They may be exempt or non-exempt based on FLSA guidelines. Salary is paid on a bi-weekly basis. Each position has a defined pay grade and associated pay range.

Initial posting period may be one (1) or two (2) weeks on the FAU Job Opportunity ( ) website. To ensure a strong and viable applicant pool the posting period will be determined by market conditions and department requirements.

Line Position Hiring Process Checklist

Recruitment Process:

  1. Unless a search is waived in accordance with FAU Personnel Policy, all requests for recruitment begin with an appropriate action processed through the PeopleAdmin system. Using your account access, log into and select the appropriate action under Begin New Action.

              Select one of the following:

                 Establish a new position TO POST

                 Reclassify/Update a position description in the system TO POST

                 Reclassify/Update a position not in the system TO POST

  1. The approved action will be forwarded electronically from Classification & Compensation to Recruitment Services.

  2. Prior to posting the position on the FAU Job Opportunities webpage, a Recruitment Services Representative will contact the hiring manager to confirm the position requirements such as the minimum qualifications, appropriate salary range, work schedule, special skills, licenses or certificates, and posting period.

  3. An email will be sent from PeopleAdmin to the hiring manager when the position is posted.

  4. If desired, a Recruitment Services Representative will assist with placement of outside advertising.  Requests for outside advertising may be included on the recruitment requisition processed through PeopleAdmin or may be submitted via email to Requests for outside advertising must include the department index number to be charged for the cost of advertising.

  5. All employment applications are received through PeopleAdmin. A Recruitment Services Representative will evaluate each application for minimum requirements as stated in the on-line posting.

  6. After the recruitment closes, an email will be sent notifying the hiring manager of the release of the pool of qualified candidates. This email will include instructions for accessing the pool of applicants, and the Guest User account. Attachments will accompany the email if the pool includes qualified veterans claiming Veteran’s Preference.

  7. The hiring authority will coordinate the scheduling and conducting of all interviews. A minimum of three candidates should be interviewed; however it is strongly recommended that a sufficient number of interviews be held to get a good perspective on the qualifications of the pool of candidates.

    If the pool includes qualified Veterans, they must be afforded preference in the hiring process. All qualified Veterans must be interviewed.

  1. When a pool includes current or prior FAU line/staff employees, the Department of Human Resources strongly encourages all hiring managers to review the personnel file of any current or previous employee (SP or AMP) before selecting as a final candidate.  Information in the file may include any previous performance appraisals, commendations, or past disciplinary actions.  This information may be a valuable resource when determining whether the current/previous FAU employee in question would be a good fit for your department.

    To review a personnel file, please contact the Employee Relations Office at extension 7-0319 or 7-2554 for an appointment.

  1. To extend or re-open a posting, send an email to Recruitment Services at  Please include the position number and the length of time, for example, one week or two.

  1. When a final candidate is identified, PRIOR to extending an offer of employment, the hiring manager must log into PeopleAdmin to change all applicant statuses, update the salary tab with the proposed starting salary and enter the index number for the background check. NOTE: The proposed starting salary must be within the posted salary range. A request to pay beyond the posted salary range may result in a delay in the hiring process. Please contact a Recruitment Services staff member for more details.

    At the same time the hiring manager must send an email to the Recruitment Services Office (, requesting a hiring review. The email should include the position number, the candidate’s name, and the proposed starting salary. A hiring review consists of approval of the starting salary and a review of the interview and selection process by the department of Equal Opportunity Programs.

  1. If hiring external candidates or internal Temporary candidates, the hiring department may offer a starting salary at an amount up to 20% above the minimum salary of the range without special approvals. The offer cannot exceed the posted maximum salary.

    For internal candidates (non-Temporary) being promoted, the starting salary may be up to 15% percent above the employee's current salary, or up to 20% above the minimum pay range of the new position, whichever is greater, without special approvals. The offer cannot exceed the posted maximum salary.

  2. In some cases, with prior approval of the Vice President or designee, availability of funds, and where exceptional qualifications or recruiting difficulties are evident, candidates may be evaluated to determine if a salary higher than 20% above the minimum of the pay range is appropriate. A Request to Pay Above Salary Guidelines memo should be submitted by the hiring department, through the appropriate Vice President to the Director of Human Resources for consideration.

    The memo (see sample) should include the following information:
        • Position number, title and class code
        • Advertised qualifications
        • Selected candidate's educational and previous work
          experience; include any special or unique skills
        • Document recruitment difficulties
        • Desired salary with the calculated percentage
          above the minimum
        • Justification for the higher salary

    Complete and route the Request to Pay Above Salary Guidelines memo, if applicable, with approval signatures by the Chair/Supervisor, Dean/Director and Provost/Vice President or designee. Deliver the original signed memo to the Recruitment Services Office for review/approval by the assistant Vice President of Human Resources. This request will be forwarded to Classification & Compensation for review and approval, which may take up to five (5) business days.

  3. A Recruitment Services representative will notify the hiring manager via email when the hiring review has been approved. At that time, the hiring manager may contact the selected candidate to make a contingent offer of employment which is dependent upon the successful completion of a background check and confirm the starting salary.



  6. After confirming the starting salary, inform the candidate that a representative from the Human Resources Department will contact them regarding the background screening procedures.  Send an email to Recruitment Services at requesting a background check and confirming the starting salary.

    The Recruitment Services department will initiate the background screening process. The candidate will receive an email from The email subject line will read “Florida Atlantic University background verification”. The email notification will explain the background screening process and request specific information from the candidate. He/She must provide the required information before the check may proceed. On average, background investigations can take three (3) to five (5) business days from the date the applicant submits the request. However, completion dates can also be affected by responses times from local jurisdictions.

    Background checks are required for all newly hired employees. Returning employees may be subject to a background check dependent upon break in service.  Employees transferring to a new division are also subject to an updated background check.  Checks of credit history or driving record are performed based on requirements of the position.

    All candidates offered positions with the University must provide verification of education to ensure they meet the qualifications for their position. Official verification documentation must be received prior to start of employment. Failure to provide appropriate documentation by official start date may result in loss of the employment opportunity.

  1. The hiring manager will receive notification from Human Resources when the background screening process has been completed. Any questionable responses will be escalated to the Associate Director of Human Resources.

  2. When the hiring manager receives notification from the Recruitment Services Office of the successful completion of the background check, he/she may contact the candidate and agree upon a firm start date. If the selected candidate is a current employee, the start date must be coordinated with their current supervisor.

  3. A completed PAF with required signatures and the appropriate offer letter must be forwarded to the Recruitment Services Office to complete the hiring process. All PAFs need a minimum of two signatures from different individuals. The budgetary unit (VP, Provost, Dean, or President) should always be one of the two signatures. Instructions on how to complete a PAF is available at How to complete a PAF).

    The offer letter must be prepared on departmental letterhead and signed by the hiring manager and the candidate.

  4. When the pool includes qualified veterans, the hiring manager must complete the Veteran’s Preference Statement and return to the Recruitment Services Office with the PAF and other required recruitment paperwork. A preference statement must be completed for each Veteran who was interviewed.

  5. All new hire paperwork and electronic approvals must be received by the Recruitment Services Office no later than 10:00 AM on the Wednesday prior to the Monday start date. All new employees will begin employment on a Monday, unless a University holiday is observed.

    An employee transferring from a temporary position to line position must begin the new assignment on the first day of a pay period.

  6. The Recruitment Services department will forward the PAF and all other appropriate paperwork to Processing and Records. Incomplete or inaccurate paperwork will be returned to the hiring department for correction and may result in a delay in start of employment.

  7. The Recruitment Services department will notify all applicants not selected.

  8. Employees new to the University must attend New Hire Orientation on their first day of employment and be prepared to provide proof of eligibility to work in the U.S. through the acceptable identification for the I-9 form. By law, all new employees must complete the I-9 process within three (3) days of their first day of employment.  After sign-in and the receipt of all required documentation, the employee's assignment will be entered into the payroll system. Please refer to the PAF submission schedule for anticipated pay dates.

    NOTE: If the candidate is transferring from a Temporary position to an SP position, they must attend Benefits Orientation from 1:00 – 4:00 PM.


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