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The Faculty Search and Hiring Procedures outlined in this document are intended to provide guidance in searches for tenure-earning, tenured, and non-tenure-track faculty. 

    1. Exemptions

                      Vacancies that are exempt from the PeopleAdmin recruitment process are:

      1. Positions funded from contracts and grants when the proposed employee is:
        1. Specifically identified by name in the contract; or
        2. The position is available because a contract or grant is terminated and the position has the same duties under the re- established contract or grant.
      2. Postdoctoral or other research positions where the prospective employee has special expertise and the appointment is for a limited time period.
      3. Positions to be filled by persons who have been laid off and who have recall rights.
      4. Positions of 0.5 or less FTE.
      5. Positions to be filled as visiting appointments if the appointment does not extend beyond one year.
      6. Positions to be filled on an acting, temporary, or emergency basis for one year or less.
      7. Adjunct positions.
      8. Positions to be filled in settlement of litigation, grievance or arbitration.
      9. Positions to be filled according to a university or college internal appointment process (i.e., acting or interim appointments; chair/director or associate dean appointments).
      10. Positions in which posting and/or search committee is waived in accordance with FAU’s Personnel Policy (7.5 Personnel).
    1. Advertising and Posting
      1. The dean secures approval to recruit from the Provost.
      2. The dean authorizes the department chair/school director to begin recruitment process.
      3. The department chair/school director initiates the selection of a search committee.
        1. Select a search committee and search committee chairperson, assuring diverse representation.  College/department/school Bylaws regarding recruitment and hiring should be followed, if applicable. If the committee does not have diverse representation, the committee will not be approved by Equal Opportunity Programs (EOP).
      4. The department/school or the search committee determines position details:
        1. Agree upon a position description, job qualifications and credentialing requirements for the position.  These need to be reviewed and approved by the chair/director and the dean.
        2. Agree upon minimum qualifying criteria for the posting. Posting specific question in PeopleAdmin (i.e., Do you have a master’s degree?) may help reduce the number of applicants that do not have the minimum qualifications.
        3. Develop a qualifications grid for applicant’s qualifications to be documented for review.








Creative Activity

Area of


Current Position


Strengths and Weaknesses









        1. The search committee chairperson represents the department/school as manager of the recruitment and selection process.  The search committee acts as a fact-finding and advisory group to assist the hiring authority in providing recommendations for applicant selection.
      1. Requests for advertising can be submitted through the posting request on PeopleAdmin. The Human Resources’ Recruitment Services department will assist with obtaining quotes. The University encourages advertising in publications that enhance diversity.
        1. The Chronicle of Higher Education
        2. Diverse Issues in Higher Education
        3. The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education
        4. Women in Higher Education
        5. The Graystone Group (Recruitment Advertising)
      2. All outside postings must include the following statements:
        1. FAU is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access Institution.
        2. A background check will be required for the candidate selected for this position.
        3. All applicants must complete the Faculty, Administrative, Managerial & Professional Position Application available on-line through the Office of Human Resources: and apply for the currently posted position.
        4. Transcripts for faculty positions must be an official copy scanned into an electronic format and attached to the application. Degrees from outside the United States must be validated by an organization belonging to the National Association of Credential Evaluation Service (NACES), with an indication of the documents the evaluation was prepared from (official transcripts, diplomas, dissertation abstracts). The evaluation should be scanned and electronically attached to the application.*
        5. The degree required for this position must be acquired by the time of the appointment.
      3. The faculty job posting information is entered electronically in PeopleAdmin and submitted to the department chair/school director for approval.  A “Guest User” (GU) account is created and the members of the search committee are notified of the GU number and password.  For access go to Succession for approval of posting is as follows:
        1. Department chair/school director reviews, approves online content and submits to dean’s office;
        2. Dean reviews, approves and submits to Associate Provost of Academic Personnel;
        3. Associate Provost reviews, approves and submits to Equal Opportunity Programs (EOP);
        4. EOP reviews, approves and submits to Recruitment Services;
        5. The Recruitment Services department  reviews posting, helps with obtaining quotes for advertising, and posts position.
      4. All employment applications are received through PeopleAdmin.  Cover letters, curriculum vitae, copies of official transcripts, licenses, certifications of foreign transcript evaluations if applicable, and reference letters or other documents may all be uploaded in the PeopleAdmin applicant system.  The Recruitment Serrvices will assist applicants with uploading required documents, if representatives necessary. 
    1. Interview and Selection Process
      1. Search committee chairperson and search committee members must review all applicant materials according to the qualifications grid appropriate for the position.  Return all grids to the search committee chairperson at the completion of discussions.
      2. The search committee chairperson sends a list of applicants recommended for campus visits to the chair/director.
      3. The chair/director and the dean approve candidates for campus visits.
      4. The search committee develops a set of interview questions for all candidates.
      5. The search committee chairperson and/or department chair/school director arrange for campus visits of candidates, which may include:
        1. Colloquium with faculty;
        2. Meetings with individual faculty;
        3. Classroom teaching;
        4. Meetings with constituent student/community groups;
        5. Travel to appropriate campus sites;
        6. Meetings with appropriate campus representatives.
      6. The search committee chair submits a fact-finding report to the department chair/school director, with an assessment of strengths and weaknesses of each qualified candidate.
      7. The chair/director meets with the dean and discusses the committee report.
      8. The chair/director notifies Recruitment Services of the potential selected candidate to initiate hiring review by Human Resources (confirmation of posted salary range) and EOP. The chair/director or designee will change all applicant statuses, signifying identified candidate with status of “HR/EOP Begin Hiring Review” and enter the proposed starting salary in Salary Information tab in PeopleAdmin. The chair/director or designee will send an e-mail, including candidate’s name, position number and proposed starting salary to requesting hiring review. When both components are approved, Recruitment Services will notify chair/director or designee to proceed. At this time, the Recruitment Services will close the posting if the close date has not yet been reached.

                      Please do not make an offer of employment until approval of the hiring review has                                 been received from the Recruitment Services department.

      1. Upon approval of the dean, the department chair/school director notifies and enters into negotiations with selected candidate.  All negotiated terms are subject to the approval of the dean.  Negotiations are verbal and contingent upon the successful completion of a background check. 
      2. Upon verbal acceptance of the offer by the candidate:
        1. The Recruitment Services will be notified via to initiate the background check. Please include the candidate’s name, e-mail address, indication if the candidate resides outside of the United States, and the index number to be charged for the cost of the background check. When the background check is approved, the Recruitment Services will notify the chair/director and will electronically send the final candidate to the chair/director for approval through the PeopleAdmin system.
        2. The chairperson/director verifies employment of selected candidate, if applicable, using Verification of Employment for Faculty.  
        3. The department chair/school director sends to the dean:
          1. Letter of recommendation;
          2. Completed Initial Appointment Report for Tenure-Track Faculty or Faculty Being Considered for Tenure upon Appointment;
          3. Transcript (and foreign transcript evaluation if applicable)*
          4. Statement of Credentials
          5. Verification of Employment for Faculty
          6. Curriculum vitae.
        4. The dean sends all the above materials and a draft offer letter to the Associate Provost of Academic Personnel for approval.
        5. Once approved by the Associate Provost of Academic Personnel, the dean sends an offer letter, tenure agreement, personal data sheet and a Faculty Notice of Appointment to the selected candidate, with a copy to the department chair/school director and the Associate Provost of Academic Personnel.
      3. When the selected candidate returns the letter, the tenure agreement, and the personal data sheet and the signed Faculty Notice of Appointment, signifying his/her acceptance of the position, the signed original letter, tenure agreement and Notice of Appointment goes to the office of the Associate Provost of Academic Personnel to be added to the Provost’s credential file.
      4. The Faculty Notice of Appointment will be sent to the Recruitment Services along with a copy of the signed offer letter. The chair/director or designee will send applicant through PeopleAdmin to HR and Recruitment Services will electronically fill the position in PeopleAdmin when this paperwork is received.
        1. The Associate Provost of Academic Personnel needs to be notified if the candidate does not accept the offer, and must approve any revisions for the original offer before they are made.
      5. If the potential appointee has immigration issues that need to be addressed prior to the beginning of employment, the college’s representative who acts as liaison with the university’s immigration law counsel needs to be contacted.
      6. New faculty members will attend either New Faculty Orientation before the beginning of the fall semester or a regularly scheduled Monday orientation on their first day of employment.
      7. If the search does not end in the selection and acceptance of a suitable candidate for the position, the search needs to be cancelled or extended within the PeopleAdmin system. The future of the position must be decided upon by the dean and the provost.  To cancel or extend a posting, send e-mail to
      8. Employment application and selection records are to be retained for seven anniversary years after the personnel action.  PeopleAdmin will store all information entered for the period required by law.  In certain situations, especially when the new employee is not a U.S. citizen or green card holder, the hiring unit may want to retain originals of any job advertisements in outside publications that appeared in print.

*If an official transcript is not available at the time of offer, an official transcript sent directly from the institution is required for the Provost’s credential file prior to the first day of employment. Similarly, for degrees from outside the United States, the evaluation by an organization belonging to the National Association of Credential Evaluation Service (NACES), with an indication of the documents the evaluation was prepared from (official transcripts, diplomas, dissertation abstracts)  is required for the Provost’s credential file prior to the first day of employment.

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