President's Leadership, Gabor, and Valic Awards

The University is very pleased to call for nominations for three significant annual employee awards:President’s Leadership Award; Gabor Exemplary Employee Award; and Valic Customer Service Award.  Award winners will be honored at the Annual Employee Service Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.


The President’s Leadership Award Program is intended to recognize individual employees of FloridaAtlanticUniversity who have rendered services of an extraordinary nature to the University and/or the greater community.

Persons recognized should have played leadership roles in efforts that delivered substantial benefits to the University as a whole, to a community served by the University or to another external population. Leadership can be demonstrated in many ways. In all cases, however, leaders inspire and mobilize others to work cooperatively and effectively toward the betterment of the University or community. Leaders are innovative and resourceful. They have a vision of how the institution, its relationship to the community or the community itself could be made better. Leaders are willing to work hard to turn that vision into reality and they are able to earn the support of others for their projects. Leaders go beyond their job descriptions and exceed the typical expectations of the assignment. Leaders make a difference. 

Two President’s Leadership Awards will be presented. Nominations will be accepted in the following categories: SP employee; AMP employee; Faculty or Librarian employee; and Academic Administrator.

Nominees may have shown leadership either in a crisis situation or in the normal work environment. Recognition may be for a single outstanding demonstration of leadership or for ongoing leadership within the University or the community at large. 

Award winners will receive specially designed, engraved trophies and $1,500 (before taxes) along with letters of congratulation from the President.


The Gabor Employee Award recognizes two employees each year for their exemplary service to Florida Atlantic University in the performance of their specific jobs.

AMP and SP employees are eligible for award consideration.  Nominations will require that the employees provided exemplary service in at least one of the following ways:

  • Specific dollar savings
  • Improved efficiency in operations
  • Program improvement through new program implementation or program enhancement of existing standards

Award winners will receive specially designed, engraved trophies and $1200 (before taxes) along with letters of congratulation from the President.


The VALIC Customer Service Award emphasizes and highlights an FAU employee’s commitment to provide top quality customer service in all situations to all constituencies, including external customers (i.e., the public, members of the community, alumni, parents, donors, other colleges and universities, and both profit and not-for-profit organizations) and internal customers (i.e., students and the University’s own faculty and staff). The award recognizes employees who have made exceptional contributions, exceeding normal expectations, to further the University’s mission by delivering service of superior quality.

AMP and SP employees are eligible for award consideration, and must have participated in Customer Service Training.  Examples of service that exceeds expectations may include going above and beyond the call of duty in providing assistance to customers, being extremely conscientious in making sure that customers get the guidance they need to fulfill their needs and maintaining a steady focus on the timely and courteous delivery of services even under stressful circumstances.

Award winners will receive specially designed, engraved trophies and $1200 (before taxes) along with letters of congratulation from the President.


  • Nominations must be submitted on the on-line nomination form and must include an essay of approximately one page describing the nominee’s achievements in as much detail as possible. Additional documentation may be included to help the selection committee fully appreciate the nominee’s achievements.
  • Employees may be nominated for more than one award. 
  • Multiple nominations for an employee are welcomed.
  • Nominations must be submitted by a second party; self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • Positions higher than Associate Dean and Director are not eligible.
  • Temporary (OPS) employees are not eligible
  • Nominees must have been employed for one continuous year prior to the nomination, and must have had satisfactory service without any disciplinary actions during the preceding year.

A Selection Committee made up of Faculty, AMP and SP representatives will screen nominations for all three awards, which will be presented at the Employee Service Awards ceremony on Wednesday, April 26, 2017.

Nomination deadline is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, February 24, 2017

All nominations will be sent to the appropriate Dean, Provost and Vice President of the nominee, for approval prior to review by the Selection Committee

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 Last Modified 2/13/17