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I-9 List of Acceptable Documents

Processing & Records is responsible for processing and maintaining paperwork and system data relating to non-student employment with Florida Atlantic University. In addition, this department is responsible for maintenance of all non-student records at the University.

Main Number       (561) 297-2753
Fax Number       297-3915
Group Email    
HR Representative Nerissa Laurent-Dorlus 297-2422
Supervisor Eodia Michel 297-2851
Manager Christine S. Smith 297-2556

New Hires

The Processing & Records department of Human Resources is responsible for obtaining all required documentation from employees hired at the University and entering the data into the payroll system.  Newly hired employees must start on a Monday (except if it is a holiday, then it would be Tuesday) and attend New Employee Orientation. New employees coming to orientation must bring with them an acceptable identification for the I-9 form.


Faculty employees must sign in as described in the New Hires section.  A Notice of Appointment will be prepared by the hiring department and sent for required approvals.  It must be received in the Processing & Records, Department of Human Resources, no later than Thursday noon, prior to the Monday hire date.  Any changes to the contract information, other than salary, position, and/or tenure information, can be processed on a Personnel Action Form (PAF). Changes involving salary, position, and/or tenure require a new Notice of Appointment.

Administrative, Managerial & Professional (AMP), Support Personnel (SP), Adjunct and Temporary

AMP, SP, Adjunct, and Temporary employees must sign in upon hire as described in the New Hires section.  A Personnel Action Form (PAF) must be prepared by the hiring department and sent for required approvals.  It must be received in the Processing & Records department of Human Resources no later than Thursday noon, prior to the Monday hire date.  Any changes to the employee's record will require a new PAF Form. In addition to the PAF, the hiring department must prepare a Letter of Offer that must be signed by the employee and must accompany the PAF when it is sent to Processing & Records.

Additional Compensation

Additional Compensation should only be processed for employees in a Faculty, Administrative, Managerial & Professional (AMP), or Support Personnel (SP) position.   When there are additional assignments to an SP, AMP or Faculty employee's primary assignment, then an Additional Compensation Form must be completed by the department that is hiring the individual along with a PAF.  Both documents must be forwarded to the necessary parties for required signature approvals and sent to Processing & Records or submitted electronically, if applicable.  Support Personnel (SP) employees are designated as non-exempt by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). SP employees whose actual hours of work in the established work week exceeds 40 hours will earn either overtime pay or overtime compensatory leave. The maximum amount of overtime compensatory leave that may be accrued is 120 hours. All overtime earned in excess of that amount must be overtime pay, until the overtime compensatory leave balance is reduced .  Hiring departments are held responsible for calculating the overtime.  Overtime shall be calculated at the rate of one and one half times the total hours worked beyond 40 hours.  EPAF users, please remember that the additional compensation form must be approved and sent to Processing and Records prior to you submitting the EPAF assignment.

Address Change

  •  All non-student employee home address changes can be updated by accessing the following link: Login and edit your home contact information.
  • Students please send emails to or go to MyFAU to make those changes yourself.

Name / Social Security Number Change

Faculty and Staff

Federal regulations require employers to validate that each employee's social security number and name on record exactly matches the social security number and name which appear on the individual's social security card to ensure proper tax reporting. In order to change either your social security number or your name on your Human Resources, and Payroll records, you must present your social security card, which reflects your correct social security number and new name to: Processing & Records, Instructional Services Building, Room 237.

 If you have questions, you should call 561-297-2753 or email

 If you have not requested a change of name with the Social Security Administration, please click on the link below to do so now:

Social Security

I-9 Lists of Acceptable Documents

Records Requests

Requests to view an employee's personnel file are handled by Processing & Records department.  To view a file, a request can be made in writing, by faxing, or by calling Processing & Records for an appointment.  Requests will be handled in a reasonable time frame and there may be a charge for copying. You may make arrangements to view records by calling 561-297-2753 or faxing 561-297-3915 or by emailing

Verification of Employment

Beginning April 5th, 2011 The Work Number® will be available for FAU employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide automated employment and income verifications.

The Work Number is an automated service that provides you with the ability to quickly provide proof of your employment or income. You benefit from having control of the process, since you authorize access to your information. The Work Number provides verification services to over 80 million employees. It is widely known to mortgage lenders, banks, apartment complexes and others who may need proof of your employment or income, and it is easy for them to use.

How to Use The Work Number: 
(click for printable version of instructions)

For Proof of Employment:

Step 1)  Give the person needing proof of your employment, the verifier, the following information:

•   Your Social Security Number:    -   -    
•   FAU Employer Code: 13664
•   The Work Number Access Options for Verifiers:
            Option a)
            Option b) 1-800-367-5690

For Proof of Employment Plus Income:

Start by creating a Salary Key. A Salary Key is a six-digit number that allows one-time access to your salary information. Here’s how to create a Salary Key:

Step 1)  Access The Work Number either via the Web or telephone:
             b) 1-800-367-2884

Step 2) Select the Employee option and Login. To Login, have the following information:

•   FAU Employer Code: 13664
•   Your Social Security Number:    -   -    
•   Your PIN (last 4 digits of Social Security Number)

Step 3) Select the “Create a Salary Key” option and prepare to write down the six-digit number

Step 4) Give the person needing proof of your employment plus income, the verifier, the following information:

•   Your Social Security Number:   -   -    
•   FAU Employer Code: 13664
•   Your Salary Key (from Step 3):     
•   The Work Number Access Options for Verifiers:
              b) 1-800-367-5690

* Public Service Agencies please visit “Social Services” via the web at or call 1-800-660-3399.

The Work Number Client Service Center
Monday – Friday; 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (CST)
1-800-424-0253 (TTY – Deaf)

Updated June 2015