Broward Leadership Program

UPDATE 8/31/2010: the 2010-2011 program has been canceled!


Broward Leadership ProgramDr. Joyanne Stephens, Vice President and Associate Provost of Regional Campuses invites Broward campus staff and administrators to apply for participation in the 2010-2011 professional development program on the Broward Campuses: "The Broward Leadership Program".

The purpose of the Broward Leadership Program is to build future leadership for Florida Atlantic University. The overall goal of the program is to "grow our own". This will be done by identifying current employees who have both the potential and the aspiration to become leaders in higher education and providing them with opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills, and contacts.

The Broward Leadership Program is an on-campus program, starting in August, 2010 and running through June, 2011 . The program requires a minimum time commitment of one full-day workshop every two months and, in between workshops, 2-4 hours of consultation and/or shadowing with a senior level administrator. Program participants will explore a variety of leadership topics, including budgeting, community affairs and personnel management.

Program participants must meet the following criteria:

  • Personal interest and commitment to complete the entire program
  • Permission and support of their supervisor
  • Completion of a bachelor's degree (minimum)
  • At least 1 year of full-time employment at the University, either in an SP or AMP position
  • A current performance appraisal with a rating of "Achieves" or higher in the last twelve months
  • No disciplinary actions in their Human Resources file in the last twelve months

The first workshop of the 2010-2011 BLP Program will be held on Friday, August 27, 2010 .


Check what previous participants have to say about the program:
BLP Participants

"The BLP program is an excellent program, it gave me the opportunity to meet VPs that I would never have met and it gave me the chance to learn different leadership styles to implement. I have personally grown in the way how I communicate and manage my staff and the incentive it has given me to partake in various committees."

- Judith Wallace, Coordinator, IRM

"The program provided a forum for us to sharpen our vision and values. The Leader meetings gave us the opportunity to observe our Leaders do what they do so well. The information gathered will be most useful as I embark upon and expand in my professional careers. I have strengthened working relationships and built friendships that may have otherwise not been formed."

- Nyasha N. Hinds,
Executive Secretary,
Office of Community Relations

"When I applied for the Broward Leadership Program, I had no idea how much I would take away from it; even when I thought I might be acquainted with the area from which the mentors came, I still learned so much. I had the advantage of not only getting to know new colleagues whom I�d never interacted with before, but also gaining incredible knowledge from my peers."

- Joelle Hutchings, Executive Secretary, Office of the VP & Associate Provost

"The Broward Leadership Program is unique and enlightening, it promotes career growth and builds character. My participation in this program is a lifetime experience which I enjoyed and was happy to be a participant."

- Anand Balroop, Coordinator, Broward Physical Plant

"The Broward Leadership Program focuses on developing the talents and abilities of current FAU staff while providing an invaluable source of wisdom on all aspects that comprise the higher education enterprise."

- Shireen Lalla, Coordinator, Broward Testing and Evaluation


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