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Support Personnel(SP) employees are designated as non-exempt by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). SP employees whose actual hours of work in the established work week exceeds 40 hours will earn either overtime pay or overtime compensatory leave. The maximum amount of overtime compensatory leave that may be accrued is 120 hours. All overtime earned in excess of that amount must be overtime pay, until the overtime compensatory leave balance is reduced. Unless otherwise specified by a collective bargaining agreement, holiday pay and paid leave are not considered work hours and are not counted towards overtime calculations. Overtime shall be calculated at the rate of one and one half times the total hours worked beyond 40 hours . OPS non-exempt employees will earn overtime pay when actual hours of work in the established work week exceeds 40 hours.

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Visit the Human Resources Forms Workday Complete Guide for Timekeepers in Blackboard for information forms related to Timekeeping, or email timekeeping@fau.edu.

Updated June 2015