Across-the-Board One-Time

 2019-2020 Merit Bonus Program


The following outlines the 2019-2020 Across-the-Board One-Time Merit Bonus Pay Program for all eligible, non-union, employees at FAU. Non-OPS Postdocs hired prior to July 28, 2019 are also eligible for this program. 

The across-the-board one-time merit bonus payment will be either 2.5% of the employee’s annual base salary or $750 (per person/year), whichever is higher. 

The University will fund employees charged to E&G. Departments with employees funded from other sources, such as Grants, Contracts, and Auxiliaries, will need to identify an amount equal to this program for their employees in these categories. In other words, the 2019-2020 across-the board one-time merit bonus program is for all FAU eligible employees. Employees should neither be advantaged nor disadvantaged relative to their funding source. 


Outlined below are the guidelines for AMP, SP, and eligible out-of-unit Faculty/Postdoc employees. Employee eligibility will be based on the following criteria: 

  1. The FAU employment cut-off date for employees to be eligible is April 30, 2019. Employees hired into FAU after that date are not eligible. The employee must have been continuously employed by FAU through November 15, 2019.
  2. Employees must have demonstrated consistent, effective, and sustained satisfactory performance. Employees who, during this period have received a disciplinary action of reprimand (oral and/or written) or suspension, OR who have received an overall appraisal rating at or below, “Needs Improvement”, OR have had their probationary period extended for disciplinary or performance reasons, are ineligible for this bonus.
  3. Employees who have received a notice of separation or layoff, or whose employment ends as of November 16, 2019, are not eligible.
  4. Employees who are covered by an individual employment agreement (contracts, etc.) are not eligible.
  5. Employees whose positions are included in a union collective bargaining unit are not eligible.
  6. Eligible part-time employees shall receive a payment prorated based on the full-time equivalent of the position held.
  7. Guidelines apply to all employees. Employees on grants/contracts shall receive a one-time merit bonus equivalent to similar employees on E&G or other funding, provided that such bonus payments are permitted by the terms of the grant/contract and adequate funds are available for this purpose in the contract or grant.
  8. Employees classified as Temporary/OPS (including student employees) are not eligible to receive the one-time merit bonus payment.
  9. DROP participants are eligible to receive the one-time merit bonus payment.
  10. Special Note: The College of Medicine, designated as a “Special Unit” and separately funded by the Florida legislature, will develop its own out-of-unit Faculty compensation package for this year, and therefore, COM Faculty will not be included in the program described above. 

Across-the-board one-time merit bonuses will be awarded based on the employee’s base salary as of November 1, 2019.  


It is important to ensure that all employees have received a performance appraisal for the 2019 fiscal year. For newer employees who have not been employed for the full year but were hired or promoted into an SP or AMP position prior to April 30, 2019 (and are therefore, eligible to receive an across-the-board merit bonus payment), supervisors need to provide a performance appraisal and overall rating. If you have any questions or need assistance in this process, please contact Gabrielle Zaidman at

Across-the-board one-time merit bonuses will be reflected in the employee’s paycheck on December 6, 2019. 

If employees meet all of the eligibility requirements noted above, they must also have received an overall rating of a 3 (Good), 4 (Outstanding), or 5 (Exceptional) on their 2019 Performance Appraisal to receive the across-the-board one-time merit bonus payment of 2.5% of the employee’s annualbase salary or $750 (per person/year), whichever is higher.


The Department of Human Resources welcomes your questions regarding the across-the-board one-time merit bonus program. Please contact Marie Mascaro, Assistant Vice President – Human Resources at 561.297.3076 or by email at

 Last Modified 11/22/19