FAQ - Living On Campus

What if I want to change my Housing assignment?

Room\Hall transfer requests will be accepted starting the fourth week of classes for the fall and spring semester. You may complete a Room\Hall Transfer Request Form online, which will be used to facilitate transfers. Your student account must be paid in full if you are requesting a room upgrade. Room upgrades will not be granted to students who have a balance due to the University. Room\Hall transfer requests are made based on availability and are not guaranteed.

I am having a roommate conflict. How can this be resolved?

We make every effort to resolve roommate conflicts. Before deciding to change rooms, please contact your Resident Assistant on your floor first to see what he/she can do to mediate the situation. Our Residence Life staff has been trained to help you with issues affecting you and your roommate.

Who can I talk to if I’m having a problem with my roommate?

If you are having a problem with your roommate or with another member of your suite or apartment, you should talk to your Resident Assistant.  Your Resident Assistant lives on your floor or assigned area, and is an upper-division student who has been carefully selected and trained to assist you throughout the academic year.  Very often the Resident Assistant will talk with their supervisors and help resolve your problem, usually with a meeting of all parties involved.  It is important that you maintain an open line of communication with your roommates so that you can talk about problems you may be having.  We expect our residents to treat each other as adults and discuss their differences openly.  That is the first step in resolving differences. If you continue to have problems, and have worked initially with your Resident Assistant, you may next contact your Resident Coordinator.  These individuals are full-time, professionally trained staff members who can assist you in taking additional steps.  Check with your Resident Assistant to locate the office of your Resident Coordinator.

I found my future roommate’s profile on a social networking site, and I don’t like what I see. Do you recommend I switch roommates before meeting in person?

We recognize that social networking sites provide a lot of potential information about your future roommates. However, we do encourage you to make contact with your new roommate before requesting a room change through our office. Impressions made through these websites are not always accurate pictures, and creates generalizations which may be false. In general, we do not make changes in room assignments until after the semester begins.

Can I stay in my room during University holidays?

Yes, in most situations. All Apartments and Residence Halls may be occupied during the Semester Break (December/January). This is done to provide additional security during this longer break.  There is no extra charge for staying during this break as it is part of the student’s contracted term. Apartments and Residence Halls may be occupied during the Spring Break in March as well. Students who do not need to stay on campus during breaks and University holidays do NOT need to remove their belongings.  We do ask, however, that they empty their refrigerators (to avoid spoilage) and power off electrical items such as televisions, computers, etc. during longer times away from campus.

What about break periods between contract terms?

With regard to other breaks between terms such as the break between Spring and Summer Semesters, and the break between Summer and Fall Semesters, students must be contracted for the future term and also pay the cost for the extra days in between contract terms. To be eligible for this, you must visit the central housing office at building SH 46 to complete an application, and also:

1. Have no disciplinary holds on your student record.
2. Confirmed housing for the next semester after the break period.
3. Have no past due University balance.

We will always send e-mail reminders about these break applications, and there are deadlines to apply by to avoid late fees, so please call us for questions at (561) 297-2880.

I've read that all accommodations are furnished. What should I bring with me when I move in?

Residents need to provide their own linens, towels, desk lamps, cleaning supplies and trash receptacles. Students may also bring televisions, stereos and computers but may want to wait until they have received their roommate/ suitemate assignments to determine their specific needs.

While none of these items are required, we recommend you consider bringing the following items: 

  • Sheets, mattress cover, blankets, bedspread (beds are twin size, extra long – 36” x 80”), Pillow
  • Soap, shampoo, and other toiletries
  • Laundry basket and detergent (there are laundry rooms located throughout on-campus Housing facilities)
  • Small area rug (see question on carpeting)
  • Dishes, drinking cups, silverware, dish soap and towels. (Apartment residents will also want to bring pots, pans, etc. to use in their kitchens)
  • Alarm clock
  • Calendar/Organizer
  • Desk supplies (pens, pencils, notebooks and paper, desk lamp)
  • Dictionary and thesaurus
  • CD player, headphones
  • Computer, printer, surge protector
  • A good lock, if you bring a bike
  • Umbrella
  • Refrigerator no larger than 3.6 cubic feet (except in Algonquin hall where a microfridge unit is provided)
  • Electric Grill (i.e. George Forman Grill)
  • Cleaning supplies 

What items are not permitted?

 Items that are not permitted include: 

  • Candles and/or incense
  • Illegal drugs
  • All pets, except fish (see below)
  • Weapons, including all firearms and ammunition, explosives, knives, and any other dangerous articles or substances
  • Halogen lamps
  • Toasters with open heating elements (unless the student lives in Innovation Village Apartments North or South, or in University Village Apartments)
  • Appliances with exposed heating elements

Can I bring my pet?

Possession of animals, other than fish as defined below, are prohibited. Any cost associated with the possession of an illegal animal will be charged to the responsible resident(s) or to all residents of the room/apartment, (damaged furniture, cleaning, pest control, etc.). Feeding or petting stray or wild animals is prohibited. Fish, may be maintained as pets, as long as they are kept in fish tanks which are no larger than 10 gallon capacity. Residents are responsible for maintaining the tanks and are responsible for any and all damage caused by the fish or the tank.  This policy shall not effect service animals or emotional support animals approved by the Office for Students with Disabilities.

Are microwave ovens provided?  What about refrigerators?

In Algonquin, one Microfridge™ unit is provided for every two residents.  A Microfridge™ is a specially constructed unit that contains a separate refrigerator, freezer, and microwave; the wiring for this unit has been pre-approved.  No other microwaves or refrigerators are permitted in Algonquin Hall. 

Residents of Glades Park Towers, Heritage Park Towers, Indian River Towers, and Parliament Hall, may bring a small refrigerator and/or microwave.  Refrigerators should be 3.6 cubic feet or smaller and should have a maximum of 400 watts at 120 volts.  Microwave ovens should be 1.5 cubic feet capacity or smaller and should have a maximum of 1100 watts at 120 volts. 

Remember, each University Village and Innovation Village apartmetn unit has a full-size refrigerator-freezer.

Is carpeting provided?

Carpeting in student rooms IS NOT provided in Glades Park Towers, Heritage Park Towers, Indian River Towers, or Parliament Hall.  Carpeting IS provided in the following areas:

  • Algonquin Hall
  • University Village Apartments
  • Innovation Village North Apartments
  • Innovation Village South Apartments

Do you provide telephone service in the rooms?

No, we do not offer any phone services in the individual rooms for students in our housing. However, we do have house phones that students may use.

If I bring my computer, how can I hook it up to the internet?

High-speed internet access is provided in all Residence Halls and Apartments as part of their room rate. Students will need to have wireless device or bring an Ethernet (NIC) card to access the internet. ResNet is the high speed computer network for the FAU residential student community. It is a shared resource, available in all on-campus housing locations. ResNet provides access to the World Wide Web, University e-mail accounts, individual student record information, as well as access to all FAU on-line and distance learning materials and information. The campus network is a shared resource and actual transmission speed from a given work station will vary depending upon network traffic load. You are provided with your own data port, and in most places within the residence halls, you will be able to access the network wirelessly. For details on how to register your devices, please visit the Office of Information Technology’s (OIT) Website

Can I connect my television up to a cable-TV connection?

Yes. Currently FAU contracts with Comcast Cable Television for general programming, at no additional cost to you.  All students will need to bring a cable cord to plug in to their televisions. For residents of Innovation Village North and South, students will have to open a free account with Comcast for their personal bedrooms. Once that is done, students will receive a cable box from Comcast for their personal bedrooms. In addition, Innovation Village Apartments residents can opt to add “premium” channels for an extra cost. Please contact Comcast when you move in to setup your personal account. Information on how to do so is available in the Area Offices.

What do I do if I have a problem with my cable service?

For this and all other issues, please contact your Resident Assistant, the Hall/Resident Coordinator or visit the Front desk of your building. They will place a work order to check your room. If Comcast needs to come to fix the issue, one of our maintenance specialists will escort the Comcast Technician to the student’s room

Can I bring a vehicle to campus?

Yes.  You must register your car or motorcycle with FAU Parking Services and purchase an on-campus parking decal.  Check out the web page for information concerning costs and sales of decals on the FAU Parking Services Website

I was charged for residential damages/fees. How do I appeal those charges?

All residential charges can be appealed by e-mailing us at housing@fau.edu to be reviewed by the Associate Director for Residential Education. You will be notified of the results of the appeal afterwards