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Expanding Undergraduate Research and Inquiry


The Department of Housing and Residential Life would like to recognize our outstanding residents that are leading in the expansion of Undergraduate research and technology here at Florida Atlantic University.  


victoria qep

Victoria M. Marinelli

"As a freshman I had the opportunity to participate in the FAU Living Learning Community Program. Through the Women and STEM LLC, I took courses that introduced me to the idea of scientific research as a career. Near the end of my first semester, we went on a tour of the Miami Eye Bank. This experience allowed me to gain insight into research firsthand. My career plans for the future definitely include research in my field. I may still be figuring out all of the details, but that's what life is about: learning all you can about the world you live in and finding your place along the way."

Amanda Small and Bianca Mesa


“Our professor becamea mentor who encouraged professionalism and hard work in the engineering field. One highlight from the class occurred when we were assigning two inflatable shark kits, with the intention of improving their design and racing them through buildings around campus. As well as being a lot of fun, this opportunity encouraged us to pursue further research in the engineering field."  




Dominick Casciato 

“I perform research in the Fitzpatrick Laboratory  Research focusing on the functional organization of neural circuits in the cerebral cortex as an intern at Max Planck Florida Institute. I have learned the theory and practice of immunohistochemistry through reading scientific papers, textbooks and conduction research.“

Jared Rashkin

“I wanted to work with the organic chemistry professor, Dr. Dragolovic, because I enjoyed organic chemistry lab…It has been very rewarding to work on experiments that I have researched and manipulated based on results that I have created from earlier experiments. Later in life, I hope to use my experiences working on organic molecules to help create new pharmaceutical products."
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Maxwell MacEachern

“As our technology becomes more advanced and our ability to mimic or even replicate human biology and intelligence becomes more refined and commonplace our ethics and morality will have to shift. This is really just a first attempt at making sure that we are philosophically prepared for the effects our technological advancements might bring and might perhaps inform our decisions on whether to pursue such technology at all."

Hannah Norcini

 “After working with my advisor sophomore year, I became intrigued with age differences in memory. I chose to conduct research in this area, to explore its relevance to the eyewitness testimony and the criminal justice system as a whole. Since I hope to have a career in law enforcement, the results of my thesis should help me in many capacities, especially during interviews and testimony."


Melissa Stiksma

“I originally became interested in mindfulness research because I was literature reviewing for a professor. Immediately upon reading about the concept of being mindful and focusing your attention always on the present moment, I was intrigued. My three part study on mindfulness meditation effects is teaching me very important skills in conducting research which I will carry with me in my endeavors to receive my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology."

Ashlee Hawk

“I’ve been surrounded by music my entire life since my mom used to be in the industry. As an Economics and Business major, I want to take a deeper look at how top musicians today make a living and a salary. I plan on entering the music business after college and understanding the industry will help me succeed."


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