Vision, Mission, Values, Community Living Standards

The Department of Housing and Residential Education will strive to educate our students outside of the classroom to provide them with a collegiate experience that better prepares them for a pluralistic society.

The Department of Housing and Residential Education creates a seamless environment of living and learning in a safe and welcoming community.  Through opportunities for leadership development, civic responsibility, self-exploration, and student involvement, we will assist in building a life-long connection between the student and the University.

Excellence — The Department will seek excellence in all our endeavors and is committed to continual learning and improvement. 

Intellectual & Personal Development — The Department is committed to assisting our students with their academic growth by helping them to utilize the resources provided by our campus community.
Ownership — The Department encourages community members to take ownership for one’s actions; to hold all community members accountable; and to take pride in their on-campus home.
Diversity — Appreciating diversity makes us better community members as we learn to seek out new perspectives and experiences, while better understanding those around us.
Leadership — We will provide and encourage opportunities for involvement within our campus community.
Facilities — We will create and maintain a clean, safe, and secure environment in which student’s live and learn.

Community Living Standards
Florida Atlantic University is a community of people from diverse cultural, racial, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. Given the diversity of our campus, resident students have an opportunity to learn about individuality and life choices and how they impact other people. Residents can best learn from one another in an atmosphere of positive encouragement and mutual respect.

Bigotry and hatred are not tolerated within our University Housing community. Verbal or written abuse, threats, intimidation, and violence, are not acceptable behaviors. Excuses, including alcohol or substance abuse as a reason or rationale for such behavior, will not be accepted.

We strive to create and maintain a community that is free of harassment, intimidation and/or humiliation of our residents and staff. It is our belief that actions demonstrate a commitment to respecting the differences among individuals. On campus living provides students with opportunities for developing skills and abilities as productive citizens of the future.

 Last Modified 12/6/17