Policies and Procedures

The opportunity to enter into a University Housing Contract is a privilege, not a right.  If there is evidence of abuse by a resident of this privilege by violating FAU rules, Department of Housing and Residential Education guidelines and regulations or terms of an executed agreement for residency, FAU reserves the right to take disciplinary action in accordance with FAU Regulation 4.005 and the FAU Student Code of Conduct, Regulation 4.007, which may include, among other sanctions, a change of housing assignment, cancellation of the University Housing Contract and refusal to enter into further University Housing Contract. Prior to imposing such sanctions, the resident will be given notice and opportunity for a hearing.

Residents living in University Housing are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the University Housing Standards for Community Living. Each resident agrees to be responsible for knowing and abiding by the rules and procedures in the University Housing Contract, this Guidebook, and official University publications. These documents are published to provide residents with general notice of appropriate conduct. The rules in this Guidebook should be read broadly, and are not designed to define misconduct in exhaustive terms. Many of the rules, policies and procedures provided in this Guidebook are a summary for residents. All students should obtain a copy of the University Student Handbook available online at: www.fau.edu/student/handbook.

Violators of the University rules outlined in the Student Handbook, this Guidebook, or University Housing contract will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the FAU Student Code of Conduct, Regulation 4.007. The University Housing staff reserves the right to amend or add additional rules, procedures, dates and/or times as judgment necessitates for the safety, care, cleanliness and smooth operation of the facilities.  The policies listed in the Guidebook correlate with the Student Code of Conduct Regulation 4.007 Section 5. Where no specific violation is listed, the specific action will be considered Section 5(ff). Violation of Housing and Residential Education policies and procedures as outlined in either the Housing Contract or the Guidebook.

 Last Modified 12/6/17