Frequently Asked Questions - Financial Aid & Payment


When are my Housing fees due?

A $300.00 online payment of a security deposit is due when you complete your Housing Contract online. The remainder of the housing fees are due when FAU tuition and fees are due. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for these deadlines. Payment in full must be received in order for the Student to be permitted to reside in his/her assigned space.


I got my Tuition deposit waived. Can the Housing Security Deposit be waived?

No. Every student must pay this security deposit, including International Students and students with Tuition Deposit Waivers. This deposit is kept in a holding account and rolled forward from year to year, until the student decides to live off campus or meets the terms of the contract.


I applied online and paid the $200 deposit, so why isn’t it showing on my student account?

Unlike the Tuition Deposit, the Housing Security Deposit is held in a separate account, and will not show on your billing statement until it is actually returned to you at the end of your contract term. It does not go towards your housing balance at all.


How does Florida Prepaid Housing work?

The Florida Prepaid Dormitory Plan covers the cost of a standard, double occupancy, and air-conditioned residence hall. At FAU, this covers our standard doubles in Glades Park Towers and Heritage Park Towers. Florida Prepaid determines these rates each year, and if your assigned hall room is more expensive, you must pay the difference in cost on your balance. Should you have further questions about your plan to see if your housing is covered, please contact Florida Prepaid at 1-800-552-4723.


Will Financial Aid cover my Housing costs?

Many student residents receive financial aid.  These awards are intended to first provide coverage for tuition and student fees.  Any remaining dollars may be applied to University Housing.  However, in order for students to take advantage of financial aid dollars being automatically applied to their Housing charges, three steps must be completed: 

  • Financial aid must first have been awarded
  • The Student must have signed an acceptance letter for all awards
  • The acceptance letter must have been returned to the Office of Student Financial Aid

If the total amount of financial aid awarded to the student DOES exceed tuition and other fees, and if sufficient dollars are available to cover housing and dining charges, the remaining dollars may be applied to other FAU charges.

If there is only partial financial aid remaining after tuition and fees have been paid by financial aid, the Student is required to pay in full all remaining housing and dining charges not covered by financial aid prior to moving into their assigned space.

If the total amounts of financial aid awarded to the student DOES NOT exceed tuition and other fees, the Student must make payment of all remaining housing and dining charges prior to moving into their assigned space.

Students who have pending financial aid awards will be required to pay in full for all housing and dining fees and then may “reimburse” themselves when financial aid is awarded and distributed during the semester.


I have a housing hold on my account. How can I have it removed so I may register for classes?

Please contact the housing office at 561-297-0214 to learn what the hold is for. You may have a balance due or a disciplinary hold that must be addressed, and we will do our best to help you resolve the issue.


 Last Modified 10/30/14