Group Study Sessions

Academic Support

Floor Lounge Tutoring Sessions

Residence Hall Tutoring on the Floors in the Study Lounges (Sunday – Thursday 6 – 9 p.m.)

Floor Lounge Tutoring Sessions provide all students (residential and commuter) with opportunities to gather in residence hall floor lounges to study and review course material with other students in the same courses. Tutors and Math Learning Assistants host study sessions Sunday through Thursday and focus on traditionally difficult first-year courses. These courses change by semester, but the intention is always to provide students with the opportunity to group study and review for upcoming tests and exams. To learn more and check out the schedule for this semester visit the Floor Lounge Sessions website.

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Get Wise

Get Wise is a residential after-hours student support service center. During academic support service hours (5 p.m.-9 p.m.), the center will be staffed by highly trained math learning assistants, writing consultants (4p.m. – 9 p.m.), and subject area tutors.

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Ashley Williams

Associate Director
Academic initiatives and Staff Training for Housing and Residential Education