RA Application

General Information
Full Name:
(Last) (First) (Middle)
Gender: Male Female
Z-Number: FAU Email Address:
Are you eligible to work in the United States? Yes No
Do you have a valid Social Security Card? Yes No

Local Address            Permanent Address
Address line 1: Address line 1:
Address line 2: Address line 2:
City: City:
State: State:
Zip: Zip:
Cellular or Alternate Telephone Number:

Housing & Education Information
Have you had group living experience? Yes No
If yes, please explain:
Class Level: Anticipated Graduation Date:
Present Cumulative GPA (on a 4.0 scale): (To apply, you need a minimum 2.50 GPA and maintain a semester GPA of 2.25)
Are you (or were you previously) employed at FAU? Yes No
If yes, list current (or most current) FAU job: Department: Job Title:
Appointment Dates: (start) (end)
Supervisor: Contact Number:
Are you interested in working with the Living and Learning Communities? Yes No
Are you interested in working with the First Year Student Housing program? Yes No

Please select your top 3 areas to work in: (this does not mean that you will be placed at the location selected)
First Preference:                                          
Second Preference:
Third Preference:

Anticipated Commitments During The Academic Year
List any activities (such as student organizations, outside employment, athletics etc) that you plan to engage in during the academic year of emplyment and the approximate time commitment (in hours) of each per week.
Activity Commitment
(hours per week)
Supervisor Name Supervisor
Contact Info.

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