What's a Living-Learning Community (LLC)?

The Living-Learning Community program at FAU offers incoming freshmen the unique and engaging opportunity to live on the same floor, in Heritage Park Towers- North, with other incoming freshmen with similar academic goals and interests. Additionally, students will enroll in common shared courses.

Who is eligable to join a LLC

Any incoming FAU freshman who wants:
  • to receive personalized attention and high quality instruction from distinguished faculty members
  • to get to know students, faculty and staff
  • to have a ready-made group of peers with whom to study and build friendships
  • to get a great schedule of core courses (related to their major)
  • to learn about FAU and how to do their best as a freshman
  • to SUCCEED!

What makes the Learning Community program unique?

When a freshman enrolls in an LLC, there are 5 key components that bring them together:
  1. A Shared Class Schedule
    • Great classes to choose from
    • Ideal class times
    • Special registration (the LC team registers you for your Fall classes)
    • Unique opportunity to work with your cohort in different classes
    • Get academic support and understanding from your peers
    • A special section of SLS1503 for only your LLC cohort
  2. Excellent Instructors & Faculty
    • Several instructors that has a vested interest in your LLC s focus
    • Award-winning faculty often teach the LC sections of the classes you can take
  3. Shared Community/Living Space
    • Each LLC shares a floor in Heritage Park Towers (a suite-style residence hall reserved for freshmen)
    • Each LLC has an RA that is a successful FAU student with an interest in your LLC s focus
    • Each LLC has a shared study lounge and common areas that they can access at any time
  4. Unique Support Network
    • Each LLC has a committee of faculty, staff, and student affairs professionals coordinating your experience
    • Reminders and updates about FAU-related news e-mailed to you throughout the year
    • Skilled Residence Life staff who understand the unique LLC experience
  5. Special LLC Events
    • Offered at least once per month throughout the entire academic year
    • Activities and events organized to enhance the focus of your LLC
    • Opportunities to connect with your FAU College, academic department and faculty
    • Semester celebrations and banquets for all LLCs
To see what communities are available or for more information visit FAU's main LLC page.

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