Wilkes Honors College Housing

All students at the Wilkes Honors College are required to live on campus. Studies of college and university students across the country have shown that on-campus living increases the success rate of those students. On-campus living provides students greater opportunities to become involved with the University, to meet and develop relationships with a greater variety of people and to participate in a living experience that is unique to university life.

Exceptions are made for those students who are 26 years of age or older at the date of matriculation, or for those who are married, have dependent children, or own a home prior to their date of matriculation. Students who wish to be exempt must apply for exemption prior to the start of the academic year. Once signed and the academic year has begun the Contract will not be cancelled for this purpose. The Application for Exemption from the Residency Requirement can be found under the " Prospective Residents" section of our website.

Students must be enrolled as a full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate. A resident may be required to depart from University Housing if enrolled credit hours drop below full-time status, at the request of the Director of Housing or designee.

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