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A key element in the University Honors Program is the Honors Courses which are taught by top-ranked faculty covering a wide range of topics and issues. These faculty members are from different departments that come to head up specially designed courses.

  Instructors Teaching University Honors Program Courses for Spring 2015


Foundations of Society & Human Behavior
SYG 1930 Sociological Perspectives 29360

Dr. Sharon Placide, Visiting Instructor, Department of Sociology
561-297-2112, splacide@fau.edu

Foundations of Science & the Natural World
BSC 1005 & L Life Science 29937, Lab-choose from regular sections listed
Dr. Kimberly Rowland, Adjunct, Department of Biological Sciences
561-297-3320, krowland@fau.edu

Foundations of Mathematics & Quantitative Reasoning

EGN 1932 Probability in Everyday Life 29391
Dr. Robert B. Cooper, Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Foundations of Global Citizenship
POS 4931 Honors Environmental Politics 29524
Dr. Mirya Holman, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
561-297-3491, mholman5@fau.edu

WST 4349 Green Consciousness (Upper Division) 28766
Dr. Jane Caputi, Professor, Women's Studies Center
561-297-2056, jcaputi@fau.edu
Jane Caputi


Foundations of Creative Expression
COM 1930 Film Appreciation 29611
Dr. Stephen Charbonneau, Associate Professor, School of Communication and Multimedia Studies
561-297-3856, scharbo1@fau.edu

MUS 1930 Honors History and Appreciation of Music 29426
Dr. Kenneth Keaton, Professor, Department of Music
561-297-2310, keaton@fau.edu
Dr. Ken Keaton

Foundations of Written Communication
Courses not Offered this Semester



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