Faculty and Staff in the University Honors Program


A key element in the University Honors Program is the Honors Courses which are taught by top-ranked faculty covering a wide range of topics and issues. These faculty members are from different departments that come to head up specially designed courses.

Fall 2015 Honors Courses

Foundations of Society & Human Behavior

    • Honors General Psychology, PSY 1930
      Dr. Krystal Mize, Department of Psychology

      James Jakubow, Instructor, Department of Psychology

Foundations of Science & the Natural World

    • Unmanned Aerial Vechicles: Science & Society, PHY 1930
      Dr. Warner A. Miller, Department of Physics

Foundations of Global Citizenship

    • History of Civilization, WOH 2012
      Dr. Douglas Kanter, Department of History

Foundations of Humanities

    • Honors Art Appreciation , ARH 1930
      Dr. Emily A. Fenichel, Department of Visual Art & Arts History
    • Honors Art Appreciation, ARH 1930
      Dr. Karen J. Leader, Department of Visual Art & Arts History
    • Analytic Thinking: Arguments for Analysis , PHI 1930
      Dr. Simon Glynn, Department of Philosophy

Foundations of Mathematics & Quantitative Reasoning

    • Methods of Calculus
      Dr. Susan Moosai, Department of Mathematics

Foundations of Written Communication

    • Honors College Writing, ENC 1101
      Dr. Sheryl Gifford, Department of English

      Dr. Claudia Amadori, Department of English
    • Composing Advocacy, ENC 1930
      Dr. Wendy Hinshaw, Department of English




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