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Poster Guidelines and Submission Instructions
See Important Dates for deadlines.

Use the poster template to create your poster.   As you prepare your poster, please keep in mind that your audience may have no prior knowledge of your topic.  Please follow the guidelines presented below.

  • Your banner should contain a title for your project, the authors, and the college.  Use the font and color choices provided on the template.
  • Do not change the font colors and size from those in the template. Do not move or resize the logo.
  • The font for text within the poster should be no smaller than 32 point.
  • Do not change the color of the background.
  • You are encouraged to use graphs, photographs, and other visual aides to help the viewer understand your project.
  • The poster should be 48 inches wide by 36 inches high.
  • Your poster will be hung prior to the Symposium. Do not remove your poster after it is hung.

Please proofread your poster with care.  Due to the high cost of printing, only one copy of each poster will be printed.  If you make an error on your poster, you will be charged $25 to print a second copy.
Save your poster with a filename in the format “last-name_first-name.pptx”. For example, Albert Einstein’s poster would be saved as Einstein_Albert.pptx. 



Submission Instructions:

  Poster submission
1) Students submit their poster .pptx file* to their faculty advisor using "poster submission" on the subject line.
2) Faculty advisor will review the file and then forward it to the Symposium Committee Chair.
3) The Committee will review and approve the files.
4) Once approved, Jeremy Hoyt will print the posters.
*NOTE:  There seems to be an issue with downloading the .pptx file using MS Internet Explorer.  We are working on resolving this.  The following browsers, however, are working fine: Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome. 

Tips for Poster Preparation

  • For scientific posters, be sure to clearly state the question your study addresses, your hypotheses, and your conclusions.  Give a brief description of your methods.
  • Use handouts to supplement your poster, if appropriate.
  • Place related materials (for instance, a photo with accompanying text) close together, then highlight themes by framing collections of material with blank space.

Presentation submission
Students are advised that they should review their presentation with their faculty advisor.


Fine art submission
Students will coordinate with Prof. Dorotha Lemeh.



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