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Preparing Course Proposals


Preparing Course Proposals

1. Fill out the appropriate form: New Course, Course change or Core course approval. To obtain an appropriate number for your new course, you MUST email your syllabus to Risa Polansky ( rpolansk@fau.edu) or Maria Jennings ( mjenning@fau.edu) with a request for a new course number. If you are curious, you can click here to see the existing numbers. Feel free to consult with former or present members of the curriculum committee if you have any questions about filling out these forms. A list of these faculty can be found on the faculty resources page.

2. For new courses, be sure to explain in the course syllabus description how the course is designed to fit into the Honors College's interdisciplinary, writing intensive curriculum. As an example, see the following sample course syllabus. Note that the syllabus must be accompanied by a bibliography. The bibliography the UUPC requires is a list of works used as reference or to prepare for the course. It is not the same as the required readings for the course that are already listed on the syllabus.

To propose your course as a core course, prepare a new core course form. Your syllabus should comply with the Provost's guidelines for syllabi, (PDF file, also available in Word).

3. When you are finished, email the form and the syllabi/bibliography as 1 document in an electronic attachment to the curriculum committee chair ( mharrawo@fau.edu) by the stated deadline. [Please cut and paste the form/syllabi/core form (if applicable) into one document] Proposals that aren't approved by the committee will be sent back to faculty for revision. To expedite the approval process, the curriculum committee is willing to edit proposals that are approved subject to minor non-substantive changes without sending them back to faculty. If you would prefer to have proposals requiring such changes sent back to you first, indicate this when submitting your proposal.

4. If you want your course to satisfy the WAC requirement, see our WAC guidelines. The UUPC website has other info and forms.

5. You can check on whether the UUPC approved your proposal by consulting their minutes, posted online.

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