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A Distinction in Any Language: FAU Honors College Professor Receives Prestigious Fulbright Fellowship

April 22nd , 2013 (Jupiter, FL) –The Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College of Florida Atlantic University takes great pride not only in the academic achievements of its students, but also in the accomplishments of its distinguished faculty. This year, the Wilkes Honors College is thrilled to announce that Dr. Carmen Cañete Quesada, Associate Professor of Spanish, has been selected to be a Fulbright Scholar for the 2013-2014 academic year. She will spend that time in the Dominican Republic where she will build on her research into Caribbean literature written by Spanish exiles.

Dr. Cañete Quesada has focused her scholarship on the literature of the Dominican Republic for over a decade, although she has only had the opportunity to visit the nation once. "The visit took place while I was completing the third chapter of my book, which involves the Spaniards who sought refuge in this country after the Spanish Civil War," she explains. Dr. Cañete Quesada's book, titled El exilio español ante los programas de identidad en el Caribe insular (The Role of Spanish Exiles in the Nation-Building Programs within the Hispanic Caribbean ) was published in 2011. Her upcoming research in the Dominican Republic will build on the topics she addressed in her book, allowing her to delve more deeply into the literary culture of the nation. "I intend to use the period of the Fulbright to provide a panoramic survey of current Dominican literature in an annotated anthology that brings together an array of voices belonging to Dominican and Dominican-American authors of the past fifty years," Dr. Cañete Quesada notes. This anthology will address some previously untouched aspects of Dominican literature. "It will allow me to introduce a Dominican national literature whose writers have little contact with the Dominican diaspora, and whose literary works are practically unknown outside the national border," she continues. "The anthology will also incorporate authors who, despite writing in English and living in an adoptive country, claim their Dominican roots as a vital component of their own identity."

During her nine-month stay in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Cañete Quesada will dedicate much of her time to conducting interviews with Dominican authors and examining archival sources, much of which can only be accessed in the Dominican Republic itself. However, her activities will not be completely restricted to research; she will also have the opportunity to teach two classes in her area of expertise at Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra, one of the premier universities in the Dominican Republic. In the fall, she will offer her newest Caribbean literature course, which examines political and cultural factors that shape Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Dominican identities, and the ways in which authors of Caribbean parentage who were born and/or raised in the U.S. mainstream portray these issues in their respective works. In the spring, she will offer a course entitled Spanish Exiles in the Hispanic Caribbean, which will examine the history and literature of Spanish immigrants who fled their homeland during the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930's and sought refuge in the Hispanic Caribbean. "I am eager to see the way Dominicans on the island respond to these topics," says Dr. Cañete Quesada excitedly.

Receiving an award as competitive as a Fulbright is a high honor, and Dr. Cañete Quesada is very grateful for all of the help and support she received from her network of peers, colleagues, and friends throughout the arduous application process. She insists that their editorial support and advice was an instrumental element of her success.

Although Dr. Cañete Quesada will be missed during her absence from the Jupiter campus in the 2013-2013 academic year, the students and faculty of the Honors College are very proud of her accomplishments, and look forward to seeing the results of her time spent in the Dominican Republic. Her achievements will add even more prestige to the excellent body of literature and academic study produced by the faculty of the Wilkes Honors College, and her work is something in which all members of the Honors College community can take pride.

Byline: Megan Geiger (HC Student)

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