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Dr. Keith Jakee


Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Keith Jakee

Ph.D., Economics, George Mason University
M.A., Economics, George Mason University
M.AE., Applied Economics, University of Michigan
B.S., Economics, Northern Michigan University

Dr. Jakee was a senior lecturer at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Melbourne, Australia) before joining the Wilkes Honors College. Before that he was a lecturer in the Department of Economics at Monash University (Melbourne). He was also a postdoctoral research scholar at the City University of Stockholm, Sweden, and visiting lecturer at University College Cork, in Ireland. He has taught in Singapore as part of a joint business degree program with RMIT. Prior to completing his Ph.D., he received a Fulbright Fellowship to conduct research while visiting Uppsala University in Sweden. He has also served as consultant and policy analyst, and he was an expert witness before a subcommittee of the US House of Representatives. He was the founding director of two academic programs, The Honors Summer Institute (a joint project between FAU s Honors College and the Scripps Research Institute, Florida), and The Honors Degree Program at RMIT s School of Economics and Finance.

His research interests are in modern political economy (including public finance/public choice, public policy, and law and economics), entrepreneurship, and applied microeconomics (the latter focusing on empirical industrial organization and regulatory issues). He has also published some pedagogical work as well. His research in political economy focuses primarily on the institutional aspects of the redistributive welfare state and the analysis of compulsory voting rules. His work in political economy has been published in Public Choice, the European Journal of Political Economy, the European Journal of Law and Economics, Public Finance Review and Brazilian Political Science Review.

His work in entrepreneurship aims to develop a process-oriented approach to an area that remains underdeveloped and under-appreciated in mainstream economics. He has published articles on entrepreneurship in the Division of Labour & Transaction Costs, the Journal of History of Economic Thought, and as a chapter in Metcalfe and Cantner s Change, Transformation and Development (2003).

He is also involved in an array of applied microeconomics projects that tend to have an industrial organization/regulatory focus. Most of these are co-authored with students following class research assignments. These projects include analyzing issues in the tourism, sports and the alcohol industries. These papers are published in Tourism Economics, Sport Management Review and Applied Economics; the latter paper also appears in abridged (case study) form in Waldman and Jensen s Industrial Organization: Theory and Practice (2007). He has projects, in progress, in the area of status goods, organ transplantation, and cyclical patterns in real estate.

His undergraduate teaching has been primarily in microeconomics, political economy, law and economics, and public policy; his honors and master s-level teaching has been in applied/managerial microeconomics, public finance and public choice, law and economics, and research methods.

In 2010, he was awarded a university-wide teaching award for Excellence and Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching at FAU. He has supervised over 50 honors theses, and a significant percentage of his advisees have presented their work at international conferences or published in refereed academic journals.

Curriculum Vitae

Contact: 561-799-8131; HA 112


Dr. Jakee s home page

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University Award for Excellence and Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching (FAU)
Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Research Fellowship (Uppsala University, Sweden)
George Mason University Graduate School Doctoral Fellowship
State of Michigan Competitive Scholarship (four year full academic scholarship)


• Kenneally, Martin, and Keith Jakee. 2012 (In Press). “Satellite Accounts of the Tourism Industry: Structure, Representation and Estimates for Ireland.” Tourism Economics.
• Jakee, Keith and Heath Spong. 2011. “The Normative Bias in Entrepreneurial Theory.” Division of Labour & Transaction Costs,3(2): 81–105.
• Jakee, Keith. 2011. “Overhauling Technical Handouts for Active Student Participation: A Model for Improving Lecture Efficiency and Increasing Attendance.” International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 23(1): 98–108.
• Fry, Tim, Keith Jakee, and Martin Kenneally. 2009. “How Safe are “Safe” Seats? A Comparison of Voluntary and Compulsory Voting Systems.” Brazilian Political Science Review, 3(2): 93–103 .
• Jakee, Keith, Martin Kenneally and Hamish Mitchell. 2009. “Asymmetries in Scheduling Slots Can Drive Asymmetries in Game-Day Revenues: An Example from the Australian Football League.” Sport Management Review, 13(1): 50–64.
• Jakee, Keith. 2007. Instructor’s Manual for David Colander’s Economics, 7th ed. Boston: McGraw Hill. 476 pages.
• Jakee, Keith and Guang-Zhen Sun. 2006 . “Is Compulsory Voting More Democratic?” Public Choice, 129(1–2/Oct.): 61–75.
• Jakee, Keith and Guang-Zhen Sun. 2005. “External Habit Formation and Dependency in the Welfare State.” European Journal of Political Economy, 21(1/Jan): 83–98 .
• Donnar, Ryan and Keith Jakee. 2004. “Australian Beer Wars and Pub Demand: How Vertical Restraints Improved the Drinking Experience.” Applied Economics, 36(4): 1613–1622.
• Donnar and Jakee appears (abridged) as case study, “Vertical Integration, Exclusive Dealing, and the Value of an Upscale Pub’s Amenities in Australia,” in Don Waldman and Elizabeth Jensen’s Industrial Organization: Theory and Practice (3rd ed.). 2007. Prentice Hall.
• Jakee, Keith and Heath Spong. 2003. “Praxeology, Entrepreneurship and the Market Process: A Review of Kirzner’s Contribution.” Journal of History of Economic Thought, 25(4/Dec): 461–486.
• Jakee, Keith and Heath Spong. 2003. “Uncertainty, Institutional Structure and the Entrepreneurial Process.” In S. Metcalfe and U. Cantner (eds.) Change, Transformation and Development. New York: Springer-Physica.
• Jakee, Keith and Stephen Turner. 2002. “The Welfare State as a Fiscal Commons: Problems of Incentives versus Problems of Cognition.” Public Finance Review, 30(6): 481–508.
• Jakee, Keith and Leonie Allen. 1998. “Destructive Competition, or Competition Destroyed? Regulatory Theory and the History of Irish Transportation Legislation.” European Journal of Law and Economics, 5(1): 13–50.

Papers Under Review
• Jakee, Keith and Martin Kenneally. “Modeling Scientific Revolutions: Central Planning Versus Market Liberalism in Economic Thought.” Revisions requested.
• Jakee, Keith, and Martin Kenneally. “Increasing Voter Turnout: What Difference Can Compulsory Voting Make?”
• Jakee, Keith, and Martin Kenneally. “An Empirical Analysis of Scheduling Slot Allocations in the Australian Football League.”

Published Review of Research

Weller, Christian. 2005. “Sobering Economics: Review of Donnar and Jakee’s ‘Australian Beer Wars and Pub Demand (in Applied Economics, 2004).’” Foreign Policy, January/February 2005: 89-90. (Internet posting at foreignpolicy.com and keepmedia.com).

Conference Presentations

• Ratio Colloquium on Knowledge and Policy Change, Stockholm, August 2011
“Economists in the Policymaking Process: Lessons from Sweden’s Financial Crisis.”
• Italian Association for the History of Political Economy Annual Conference, Trento, Italy “Modeling Scientific Revolutions.”
• School of Applied Social Studies, Univ. College Cork, Ireland “Modeling Scientific Revolutions.”
• International Sports Management Conference 2009, Lausanne, Switzerland
“An Empirical Analysis of Scheduling Slot Allocations in the Australian Football League.”
• International Western Economic Association, Vancouver, BC, Canada
“The Normative Bias in Entrepreneurial Theory”
• International History of Economic Thought Society, Duke University
“Entrepreneurship and Panglossian Bias”
• American Political Science Association, San Francisco
“Mandatory Voting: Some Theory and Evidence from Australia”
• International History of Economic Thought Society, Wake Forest
“Praxeology, Entrepreneurship and the Market Process:  A Review of Kirzner’s Contribution”
• International Joseph Schumpeter Society Conference, Manchester, UK
“Institutional Structure and the Uncertain Entrepreneur”
• Australian Law & Economics Society, Univ. of Melbourne Law School
“Managing the Commons? An Analysis of the Welfare State’s Fiscal Institutions”
• International Western Economic Association, Lake Tahoe
“Managing the Commons? A Structural Analysis of the Welfare State”
• International History of Economic Thought Society, Montreal, Canada
“Headline Economics: An Analysis of the Swedish Economic Debate”
• International Joseph Schumpeter Society Conference, Vienna, Austria
“Adaptive Preferences and Welfare State Dynamics”
• European Law and Economics Society, Maastricht, Netherlands
“The Rise and Fall of the Swedish Miracle: Some Possible Links to Norms”
• Irish Economic Association, Cavan, Ireland
“Destructive Competition, or Competition Destroyed? Regulation & Irish Transport Legislation”

Courses Taught

Economic Analysis for Business: RMIT (Master’s)
Applied Microeconomics (Master’s):Univ. of Michigan (teaching assistant: led reviews)

Australian Honors/Post-undergraduate
Economics of Collective Choice/Public Choice: RMIT & Monash (Hons)
Law and Economics:Monash (Hons)
Applied Microeconomics:RMIT (Hons)
Industry Research Thesis Preparation and Supervision:RMIT (Hons)

Advanced (Mathematical) Microeconomics: FAU (Hons/4th year)
Modern Political Economy/Public Choice: FAU (Hons/4th year); Cork (3rd year)
Public Finance & Public Policy:FAU (Hons/4th year); Cork (3rd year large lecture)
Law and Economics:FAU (Hons/4th year)
Policy and Decision Analysis: Cork & Mason (3rd year)
Savings, Investment and Financial Markets: FAU (Hons)
Intermediate Micro: FAU (Hons); Monash/Cork (large theaters; coordinated multiple streams; supervised teaching assistants)
• Economics and Literature: FAU (Hons/4th year)
Current Issues in Applied Microeconomics:Monash (2nd year)
Principles of Microeconomics:FAU, Mason & Michigan (1st/2nd year)
Writing in the Social Sciences: FAU (Liberal Arts requirement for thesis prep)
International Trade:Cork (2nd year)
Money, Banking & Financial Markets:Mason (3rd year)
Principles of Macroeconomics:Singapore Institute of Management/RMIT (1st year)
• Directed Independent Study in History of Economic Thought: FAU (Hons/4th year)
• Directed Independent Study in Public Budgeting: FAU (Hons/4th year)
Lifelong Learning: Continuing Education Program for Adult Learners
The Economics of …: FAU
The Great Economists: Economic Thinking through the Ages: FAU

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