Jocelyn Sabbagh '07

Jocelyn Sabbagh

Concentration: Political Science

Director, FUNSEPA US


Jocelyn Sabbagh graduated from the Wilkes Honors College in 2007 with a concentration in Political Science. While at the Honors College she met Guatemalan Nobel Peace Laureate, Rigoberta Menchu, served as interpreter for the Sister Cities signing ceremony for Jupiter and Jacaltenango, Guatemala, and provided interpreter services for the Guatemalan President Oscar Berger when he visited Jupiter.

Jocelyn is the former director of El Sol, Jupiter's Neighborhood Resource Center, a nonprofit agency, that assists the immigrant population in becoming an active and integrated part of the larger community. She is currently working in her native Guatemala as the director of FUNSEPA US, a nonprofit organization that supports the development of education in Guatemala through technology. Jocelyn was the recipient of the 2010 FAU Alumni Association’s Distinguished Alumni Award for her outstanding contributions to the community.

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